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SOUNDAWARE Digital Transport D300REF D300 D280 Integrated Music Player A300 A280C CD Ripper CD-One Official Thread

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  1. soundaware
    Well as you may know or not, Soundaware started from digital transport, then we developed integrated music player, then portable music player, then cd-ripper, then pre-amplifier and headphone amplifier, step by step.

    Currently we have 4 series on sale:

    D Serie(Digital Transport): D300REF, D300, D280HIFI, D280 Femto
    A Serie(Integrated Music Player): A300 with headphone amplifier, A300 standard, A280C, A280I, A280III
    Mini Serie: P1(Pre&headphone Amplifier)
    M Serie(Portable Music Player): M2pro(coming soon), MR1, M1pro, M1

    I know audiophiles on Head-Fi are more familiar with our DAPs(M1 pro and MR1), and maybe P1 now, but actually desktop devices occupy the majority of our sales in China. Speaking of Soundaware, leading digital transport manufacturer is the real title.

    So it occurred to me I should start a thread introducing all of our desktop devices.
    You know even use the same technology, the sound of desktops are always better than portable ones, mainly because of the size that decides the materials you can put in.
    In a word, you can expect more for our desktops.:grin:

    I will first post some descriptions of them, and if you guys have any questions or suggestions, just let it out.
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  2. soundaware
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  3. soundaware
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  4. soundaware
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  5. soundaware
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  6. soundaware
    Reserve for A280
  7. soundaware
    Reserve for I don't know yet~:joy:
  8. crabdog
    Looking forward to learning more about these!
  9. soundaware
    Introductions have been updated.
    Next I am going to post some pictures on exhibitions.
  10. Adventure
    I will follow this thread !!
  11. natemact
    A300 with headamp is a very interesting piece for sure! Would be a great step for the industry to see more come to market soon. Not much competition out there besides Auralic? Elac keeps dragging their heels on theirs, over a year late already.
  12. tenedosian
    Besides A300, I am particularly interested in the coming M2 pro, after seeing the lovely FPGA implementation on M1 pro.

    It is good to see some companies looking for "new" ways of bringing music to our ears!!
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  13. Whitigir
    Too much informations, I will need time to go through it all again. Quick question

    Are you saying I2S on your devices can put out Native DSD ? Or is it DOP ? Multibit DSD ? Or PCM

    I asked because I2S is PCM!

    While I love I2S by a lot, I do not want to get confused. By all means, I rather listen to I2S PCM than Native DSD over USB...LoL!
    Last edited: May 20, 2018
  14. Audio Addict Contributor

    With the level of the equipment, will you be setting up US distribution?
  15. soundaware
    Of course.
    I am trying to find a proper one.
    Hope it will be settled soon.

    But before that, you guys can buy from Aliexpress, the after-sale is also very convenient now.
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