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Sound difference between URBEATS and IBEATS

  1. ferdyconde
    Can anyone say me what is the difference between this models?

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  2. rt310
    Well TBH the only difference between these two would be the names.
    the Beats line of headphones has garnered a rather negative reputation, especially in Head-fi, due to it's subpar performance and ridiculous price.
    You'd be better off getting other IEMS. What is your budget?
  3. ferdyconde
    130$ and like a ver good and pronunciared bass.

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    Shure SE215, Sony XB90EX, FAD Adagio III
  5. ferdyconde
    Wow!, i'm from Spain and this model i cant buy it.Do you recommend me other models better than monster ibeats in same price?.

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  6. Closingracer
    Well TBH if you want Bass heavy earphones the ibeats are fine along with the Urbeats I guess and for bass heavy music that I listen to at times I prefer using them over some other sets I usually use

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