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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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    Hi guys, I would like to ask you whats your impression on amplifier in this player. Ive read on innerfidelity that its 15mW per channel (dont have no idea what ohm) but that feels very low. Stupid XDuoo x3 has much more if I remember right and I can hear it weak performance on some iems on higher volumes. For that price I would expect more to be honest... I have nice 2stepdancer but "sandwitching" is getting more ridiculous for me. I saw some reviews and comments saying that output is really weak indeed
  2. lukedss
    Anyone with iSine 20? I saw KMan's EQ settings for WM1A but on the ZX2 we only seem to have 5 bands
  3. lukedss
    Still having the issue when I plug headphones in it will start playing music through one of the apps. No one else has this? I don't keep any apps open so it's not related to that
  4. lukedss
    FYi- Just listed my Forza hybrid iem cable for sale in classifieds. 3.5mm L plug TRRS / MMCX L shape
  5. TooFrank
    Yes, I have that problem too. I have installed Poweramp as an alternative player. (You can EQ while using LDAC). But it seems to live its own life:wink:
    Haven’t found a solution, so I decided to not bother.....
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  6. NewForce
    Dear ZX2 owners,

    In your opinion, beside Android OS, Sony in-house system, online streaming ability and internal storage, which DAP more worthy to own, ZX2 or ZX300 in term of,

    1 Sound quality via 3.5mm output
    2 Sound quality of Bluetooth LDAC connection with 1000XM3
  7. NewForce
    I'm asking on behalf of friend who need help, any taker?
  8. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Both will sound quite good I'll bet out of the 3.5mm, but if louder playback is wanted/needed or listening to older, quieter mastered music, the one with more power will be the more engaging. I own the XM3 and before that have owned several Sony headphones including the Z1R. The heavy lifting of sound is actually done by the headphone in a wireless scenario, as long as the bits of data are transmitted properly, the headphone does the ADC and amplification anyway so source as long as it transmits properly shouldn't be a factor.
  9. NewForce
    Thanks for your reply, I will pass on the message to my friend. :)
  10. Starlights
    sorry, recently i've bought thiz zx2.
    I was just wondering if anyone could help me....
    how to install spotify or tidal on this zx2 ?
    there is no google play store or file manager app like ess file or other app to install manually from apk.
    thank you for the reply n help
  11. lukedss
    Hey guys would like to hear of any GREAT amp pairings with the ZX2 that you have experienced, I am thinking a Vorzuge at the moment but open to recommendations!
  12. lukedss

    Go to browser on ZX2 to APKmirror or whatever site, select the one that is compatible with 4.2.2 and download (it will ask you to allow download from blah blah) No MQA on Tidal just Fyi.

    If that's too slow I emailed myself the links then opened of I did NFC from Android

    I use UAPP for Tidal now as I rely on the EQ settings but for Offline listening it has to be Tidal app direct (from what i understand)
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  13. Starlights
    Thank you for the reply.

    I've just bought a used one.
    I've succeed install only spotify using those method. And for tidal when tried to install for 4.2.2 apk tidal there was an error "parse error - the was a problem parsing the package" i have no idea this error.

    By the way how long the baterry last on used ?
    Mine is only about more or less 10 hours.
    Is it normal considering a used zx2 ?
    And is theres a way by any chance to replace the battery ?
    Thank you.
  14. lukedss
    10 hours sounds about right, I guess it depends on brightness, bluetooth, wifi etc.
    Not sure what parse error means I would I think this is the one i used-https://mobile.softpedia.com/apk/tidal/1.16.9/
    Not sure about battery replacement
  15. Starlights
    I asked my friend about the battery and he said its normal if the battery could last 10 hours.
    But its a bit wierd that at sony official spec cpuld last 33 hours on hi res.

    I've only set brightness about 1/4.
    Bluetooth off but wifi on. Played hi res flac.
    If its normal about 9-10 hours, i quess its okay then.

    I will try the apk from the one you used.
    Once again thank you for the help and for the quick replied.
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