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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. highfidelity69
    This is where I get all my FLAC files.
  2. josephtym
    Thanks man, but i cant seem to find individual song download links, only managed to find whole album download...

    Just to check, Usually for new song release, are their flac file also available or need to wait it becomes available..

    I am also looking for 90s oldies like backstreet boys etc, but seems like no luck in finding .. hahhah
  3. Sinarca
    Try here:
  4. willywill
    7digital is the place to go to buy FLAC now, but the best was the Pono Store, to bad Neil Young close it. Don't be scared to buy MP3's from the Google Play store.
    Costco/BJ's often sell the $100 gift card for $85 without membership and join the Google Opinion Reward, download the app so far i made $91.81 since December 2014.
    They sound just as good but if the FLAC file is only 0.20 cent more then i buy the FLAC from 7digital.
  5. Rob49
    After owning my ZX2 for more than 2 years, i finally decided to but a TRRS cable, for use with my OPPO PM3's. OCC Silver plated & Copper. Never bought an expensive cable before, hope i don't regret it ?
  6. Richter Di
    Did you try Qobuz.com?
  7. josephtym
    Tried it but it is quite funny.

    In the UK website of 7digital, I can find Jonas Blue By Your Side Flac, but I cant purchase it online as I need a credit card issued in UK. So I was redirected to Singapore site for it. The thing is 7digital Singapore doesn't offer Flac file but only MP3 version of it.

    Tried the worldwide version of 7digital but no result for the song search ...

    Still trying to my find my way to buy good flac songs for keeping.
  8. kms108
    Many of these music download site, are for local download, due to local regulation for music download and restriction.

    That's why many japan site is for Japan only.
  9. josephtym
    Hiaz, I supposed so after trying out a few sites. Now is trying to find one in Singapore that offers it...
  10. kms108
    Some of the sites, you can get away with VPN, but others are rather complicated.

    For mora japan, I can use prepaid cards purchased in japan or many stores in Hong Kong import them, but on my PC, I cannot make the purchase, I have to use my android phones to purchase music, after purchase, I can use my PC for download. other japanese sites, I can't get around there system, so I cannot purchased.

    There are many international site that wont allow me to even register. HDTracks in Hong Kong is crap, i've used them a few times, but their files are record in low volume.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2018
  11. josephtym
    Yup. So far I only managed to purchased MP3 version..
  12. Richter Di
    Hi, just in case you are a Qobuz Streaming service user like me, the current version doesn’t work when it comes to importing music.
    Here is ther version before which still works: apps/qobuz-mobile/android/qobuz-4.0.10.apk
  13. josephtym
    Sadly, Qobuz doesn't have support in Singapore... sobz sobz
  14. bzxfire40

    Hey talan, where do you go to adjust the EQ for tidal? I tried going under settings> sound> customize sound settings ,but everytime i try this it gives me error message "unfortunately, settings has stopped".
  15. talan7
    Under settings, sound, eq. I turn up the clear bass and use the eq. On my ZX2 it affects everything, including Tidal. I bought my ZX2 used off a fellow head-fier. I wonder if it's hacked. It never ran fast. I have an old Xperia phone (Z3 compact) and its eq doesn't affect tidal.
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