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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. lesale08
    +1 on that. It's also the last android dap that sony has released. I've read from this thread some users who will not shift to the WM1 series because of the streaming capabilities of zx2.
  2. Gosod
    You know,I had a Zx1 and the nw-Z1070 then F80, F887 - I preferred to disable all apps on Android for a longer charge, but sometimes used the Navigator on the road and I noticed that there was a camera, actually the camera was not on these devices.
  3. purk Contributor
    If u are using an IEM or really easy to drive headphoens then the ZX2 is a really good choice. It sounds refined, warm with good depth cues compared to the A35. Still, the A35 can do a lot for relatively low cost.
  4. Gosod
    I listened to it with the um3x is for me the volume was not enough.
  5. cocolinho
    and still is! I have now ZX2/QP1R/WM1A. I can tell you they are all great devices! I feel I prefer the WM1A better but I could leave with any of these.
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  6. Gosod
    do not make excuses, Zx2 is the past.
  7. cocolinho
    I don't agree. It's still a solid option
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
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  8. Richter Di
    Strongly disagree. It is a great player.
  9. kms108
    I also disagree, probably half of the DAP on the market doesn't even come close to the ZX2 when it comes to SQ, built and battery life. I've even replaced the battery on mine, had it for 2 years, have it as a backup player whiles using the ZX300.
  10. cocolinho
    Battery? none
    SQ? few I believe
    Built? very few again
    I think Sony really raised the bar when the released the ZX2 in 2015 (?)
  11. psikey
    And if they had made it with user replaceable battery & updated Android OS it still would be. I'm waiting on a Sony with Tidal/Spotify streaming support but likely not coming.
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  12. kms108
    Sony wants to stay away from android, I think Sony will continue using their own Sony OS from now on.
  13. cfc7
    I'm still using it and I will not upgrade for the next year, maybe 2, considering the SQ/build/battery life, so I don't see the "past" here.
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  14. kms108
    I've already upgraded to the ZX300, or should I say downgraded to the ZX300, and I cant seem to let go of my ZX2, i like it so much, so I had replaced the screen and a new battery (my cause in distroying the screen) during my trip to Japan, which cost my approximate USD 182.

    It's back in the box now for safe keeping.
  15. Richter Di
    This is unfortunately true.
    A quicker CPU would have also been great.
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