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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Whitigir
    I will be getting Onkyo DP-x1 soon, but I hear users reporting that 3rd party app doesn't work correctly on that player...shame...it has better android OS, but with worse flaws lol. Yeah, this power amp alpha is truly outstanding as well. It offers the clarity and the expansive sound stage of jet audio, but less harsh trebles also very clean background with tons of visualization for entertainment purposes
  2. proedros
    another player ? lol , i hope you find sonic peace of mind soon [​IMG]
    i still have not installed jetaudio yet , i am fine now with gonemad/onkyo , will download it once i need a new flavor
  3. audioxxx

    Yeah and that mystery plug falling apart on the Onkyo dpx1, got me thinking the ZX2 is worth the extra money.

    We might only get one plug, but at least we get to keep it on the device.:scream:
    The clarity on power amp now is outstanding, your right it doesn't sound artificial, like jet audio and the processing filter used.

    This seems like a refined version with out the head fatigue after 3 songs. Very good find buddy..:thumbsup:

    I have been actually given a shock, out of the blue, just a second ago, with the sound stage popping out now within the music, it's that good.

    Seriously, the ZX2 keeps getting better.

    It's the DAP that keeps giving.
  4. Whitigir
    Yeah :) I will give DP-x1 a good battle against the Titan Zx2 with both being TRRS solid silver balanced and see...but somehow I have the feeling that nothing will beat Zx2 now with this power amp alpha.
    Download this power amp alpha. You get 2 weeks free trial :wink: why waste it, you will drop jaws
  5. proedros
    i see audioxxx has also joined your cult [​IMG]
    ok i will go for this one istead of jetaudio 

    you have the link in the previous pages, right ?
  6. audioxxx
    ∆ not sure you should even open the box now, (don't bother) it won't come close to this.

    Female vocals are floating around. All over the place now on power amp, is like they appear dance around and vanish again.
  7. Whitigir
    It took me a whole year and some more later to finally figured out why did Sony produce Zx2 and it cost so so much....they thought of how android OS and 3rd party software work, and then proceed with their own ancient researches onto class D technologies and to finally created a master piece that works with every 3rd party apps...

    The crazy things about this is how "clearly" each different apps and player sound differentiate from one another! I remember someone was telling me that different apps doesn't sound different at all LOL!

    Now why would Sony release any new software when 3rd party developers will just keep developing without Sony touching a finger....and it just keep getting better LOL! Clear example is power amp vs the Alpha Power amp :wink:

    Sony! My hat off to you
  8. audioxxx
    +1. :two_hearts:Sony:clap:
  9. proedros
    hey whitigir , tell me something 
    i downloaded the pk file in my laptop , can i simply drag&drop it to my zx2 or do i need to download it straight through my zx2 in wifi mode ?

    if so where do i leave/install it ?
  10. Whitigir
    No, you download that file by using Zx2 and wifi connection. You will directly download and install it onto Zx2 over the air. Take it as a complimentary from Sony update to bring Zx2 yet to another level
    proedros likes this.
  11. proedros
    so i simply need to type/connect to the download link you provided , right ? and the instalation works automatically on its own ?
    edit : the forum links shows people reporting quite few bugs/glitches , i will wait a  bit until the alpha version stabilizes [​IMG]
  12. audioxxx

    I would buy this over jet audio, this has taken the ZX2 to the next level.

    And you have 2 weeks to test it before you need to pay, I already used the licence on it, and it works on it as an Alfa version, no problems.
  13. Whitigir

    Absolutely correct ! Remember to set your setting to alow unknown sources
  14. proedros
    how/where do i do/choose this option ?
    edit : nvm , i found it [​IMG]
  15. Whitigir

    Check unknown sources

    Do it before download, then uncheck it
    proedros likes this.
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