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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. tokyoskies
    For anyone who wants to up their storage, Sandisk 200GB Micro SD is on sale

  2. gerelmx1986
    I want to hear the ZX2 with SPEM IN ALIUM
  3. ken6217
    I am thinking of picking this up tomorrow. I currently and using an iMod with a small amp.
    Will the ZX2 power Noble K10's or JH Audio Roxanne's with no problem?
  4. nc8000 Contributor

    It certainly powers JH13 with no problems

    I have the K10s and the JH 16s and more than enough power! 
    You won't be disappointed! :)
  6. ken6217

    Thanks. Now can you help me with my next question. :)

    I currently have the IE800's. Am thinking of either Roxanne's or K10? Any comments on these or even the JH 16's for that matter? Are you IEM's custom fit or universals?


    Hi Ken!
    I'm mostly an Custom IEM user. I have the UE 5s, UEs7, JH 16s, and now the K10s.
    The JH and K10s are my TOTL pieces. I like both but they offer different sound signatures.
    To my ears, the JHs have a wider soundstage than the K10s and definitely more bass. They sound great to be honest.
    Now the K10s are a different story. Smaller soundstage (not by much) but every range is well balanced and buttery smooth. The  best analogy I can think of is of a muscle car versus an Italian sports car with the K10s being the latter. The k10s are more refined.
    The UE 7 was my first pair of CIEM but I bought these blindly. Turns out the 7s have a forward mid section which is something I don't really like. I didn't know this until I demoed different pieces. The UE 5s are my gym/commute pieces and absolutely love them for this purpose.
    My point being is that you have to demo the IEM you are considering before pulling the trigger.
    If you were to buy blindly I suspect you would be happy with the K10s as they sound awesome with all types of genre. 
    I hope this helps!

    BTW - I don't want to bother with IEM that are not customs as the fit is very important to me thus willing to spend the $$$ for fit.
    It all depends on how important fit and comfort is to you.

    Just one more thing - :) I got an aftermarket cable for the JHs in order to help tame base and help with a little  more detail.
  10. Duncan Moderator
    Looking at the opposite end of the scale, has anyone been able to try the MDR-NW750 on the ZX2?

    Probably different, but I can vouch very strongly for their mobile bed fellow, the NC750 - fantastic value for money, might sound far reaching yet to me, on the Z5 cellphone, these are up there with the IE800, but for a fraction of the cost...

    The NW750 are rarer than hens teeth in the UK :frowning2:

    Strangely I cannot give an unheard recommendation though, even with the similarity between the two models, as I also have the EX750, and they sound quite different to the NC750 :frowning2:
  11. Whitigir
    I only tried Z7 and th900 :D on zx2, and they are wonderfully driven :D
  12. Caruryn
    Which do you prefer more with ZX2 although one is almost double the price?
  13. rookie2009

    I have the universal Roxanne.. No problem driving them with the zx2 (I'm using Japanese version) but I can't see the EU version being a problem either...

    However to throw a spanner in the works,I enjoy the Rhapsodio Solar (10 driver) most directly from the zx2..Roxanne is my go to for my hard rock albums while Solar is balanced and does everything exceptionally well and extends more than Roxanne..

    I also have the ie800 but its been gathering dust for a while now I'm afraid...
  14. joshuachew

    Have both and it is driven like a charm.
  15. ken6217
    Hmmm. So many choices, so little money. LOL.
    I'll pull the trigger on one of them next week.
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