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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. nc8000 Contributor

    Sony does not give that info and in an interview the chief designer said that output impedance is irellevant
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  2. Koolpep

    Another X7 reviewer here. X7 - not sibilant, at all.

  3. carl99
    If anything, it is dark...
  4. proedros
    maybe i remember it upside-down ? [​IMG]
    i remember something about the highs which really put me off - maybe he said the highs were rolled off ?(which also a no-go by me)

    anyway, back to the zx2 discussion 
  5. Caruryn
    Before and after burn in.Biggest change in tonal balance which i agree.
  6. tafster
    I'm in London and interested - couldn't see a follow up from you in the sales forum...
    Please create a thread there or send me a PM.
  7. cklow01
    Created a sale thread.
  8. RPB65

    Do you have that in English?
  9. Caruryn
    Google translate :/
  10. RPB65

    Ok, I was being lazy I know. lol
  11. Whitigir
    Lol...the burn-in on the ZX2 is very real :wink: no doubt about it. Not only the tonal body, but soundstage also improves. I love ZX2, and I can not wait for ZX3 to be announced or even ZX200 !
  12. muscular
    One cannot categorize a DAP as sibilant, we have got to be rational about this. A iem can be sibilant because it functions to produce music and certain frequencies may have unwelcomed spikes, but a DAP is just a device to transfer digital codings into actually voltage signals to the iems, if anything, the reviewer probably meant a poor pairing with his iem, and that its the iem being prone to sibilant.
  13. Whitigir

    Fully agreed, a DAP, however has emphasis on different frequency....It could mean that the reviewer stated that X7 emphasis more toward trebles and higher frequency, and when paired with neutral to brighter gears would bring about the sibilant ? Who knows :D. I know I am happy with ZX2.
  14. RPB65

    Forget Google translate, it turns it into rubbish sentences that really are not good. Never mind.
  15. Sam Edwards
    Thanks all for the recommendations re: balanced mode. I ordered the Moon Audio Silver Dragon terminated TRRS for the Sony ZX2. I've never enjoyed my UERM so much! The bass is like HOLY S#!T! It's too bad they're customs, because it's too good not to share.
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