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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Whitigir
    Used in mint condition th900 is 800-850 :) not too bad eh ?
  2. willywill
    I just got the Sony PHA3 last week and i notice that right away, i charge the ZX2 every TWO weeks but with the PHA3 i was getting 7-8, for now i use my phone with the PHA3,
    I look at the Mojo but it's to small and won't stack well with the devices i have.
  3. Flbdig

    If i personally were to get a Mojo, it would be to use at home, where I would also just plug the Sony into an outlet. So shorter battery life would not be an issue.

    I also have saved a Lot of money with the Streaming. I have downloaded thousands of songs, playlist and albums from my Tidal service.
  4. echineko
    Can't speak on the Oppo, but I graduated from a ZX1. The ZX2 is better in every way, sound quality, battery life, build quality. I really felt a huge difference after the unit was properly burnt in. I had the ZX1 for a while before I sold it, so was able to directly compare my music library on both. No question at all, eh?

    Edit: And this was before I got me a TRRS (balanced) cable for my IEMs, that improved it further
  5. bmichels
    Any rumors about a NW-ZX3 ?  
    NW-ZX2 was launched 1 year ago, which is an eternity in SONY's marketing world [​IMG] 
  6. RPB65

    For once I don't care! For the price I got the ZX2 for on Amazon's lightning deal I am well happy with it. New model won't make any difference to me. lol.
  7. Whitigir

    NW-zx1 was 1-1/2 year in until the announcement of Nw-zx2 , correct ? Then we could be hearing news about this zx3 in a couple months :D
  8. Whitigir
    To people who doesn't believe in upgraded cables, or going TRRS/balanced have any improvements ? Here

    Th900 rated 25 ohms by fostex and stock cables

    I measured 22.4 ohms by solid pure silver upgrade to the drivers and toward 3.5mm female jacks for detachable, then connected toward solid pure silver TRRS

    It gets as low as 22.1 and hold steady...I shook my hand while trying to take picture and measure

    Proof ! And hell yes, it is not only measurable number differences....but the audio improvements is real !

  9. RPB65
    And your point is? This only matters (if it matters at all) to people who own TOTL headphones or IEM's. A £235 cable won't change my £175 SE425's.
  10. Whitigir

    Ah, yes sir :) fostex th900 isn't a low-end headphones by any meaning :wink:. My point is that it is real as measured, and the audio improvements is indeniable only measured by the headphones and cables....TRRS out by zx2 is also very real on to improved sonic quality :wink:
  11. georgelai57
    Unless you modify the cable into the Sony WM port though, you can't charge it and take out a digital signal into the Mojo at the same time.
  12. RPB65

    Pity I don't have any neighbours with cables :)
  13. audioxxx

    If you buy these mid tear ue900:


    And buy this cable, but put a TRRS plug on it.


    Not exactly TOTL iem's, or TOTL iem prices, but this setup will dazzle anyone's ears who will listen to it through the ZX2. (Thank me later)
    I have had many people say they have never heard better audio than this rig.

    So cables can change the ball game for sure, and it will be dependant on the iem's, and the cable used.
  14. audioxxx
    Cheap right angle TRRS 3.5mm plug, for those who want right angle,/should do the job ok as a plug changeover, also these type are easier to solder than others I have used.

    eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=151886918663&alt=web

    Speaking of solder, this is great audio solder, not easy to use, so maybe practice on something else first but I believe you need to use it, there is a difference.


    Easy to use solder, but user must be very careful with this stuff, as it contains lead. So it melts at a lower temperatures, and flows easy, using lead makes the solder joint weaker, and will be easier to break as well.
    (This stuff is great when soldering delicate things)

  15. nbarnard36

    Well there was the dock for the ZX2, which charges the walkman, and has a USB A digital out connection:
    They've come down in price, and I'd thought of getting one previously, hoping that an M2Tech HiFace 2 would work for using a coaxial digital cable to connect with my home rig, to use the ZX2 as a server, of sorts. I don't suppose there is anyone who can confirm that the HiFace 2 works no problem with Android, and specifically the ZX2?
    I'm getting a Mojo tomorrow, and I'll be keen to see just what kind of battery life we're talking about here, using the digital out.
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