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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. Cagin
    Do you know how the Onso plug fares in this regard by chance?
  2. buzzlulu
    Tell me more about the new Chord headphone cable as I just had a look at the webpage for it. I need no introduction to Chord as I have been running their cables for years in my Naim system starting with the initial introduction of Sarum - moving to SuperSarum - and now running MUSIC.

    Are they available yet? Since you are posting in the Sony thread I will assume they have/will have a 4.4 Pentacon termination available?

    I am going to assume that your reference to them using "SPC" is Silver Plated Copper? I find this interesting relevant to the Z1R as this is what Sony supplies by default - silver plated copper.

    The only thing I find strange is that Sony considers their Sony/Kimber cable, an all copper construction, as an upgrade over silver coated copper- implying that they feel all copper is an upgrade?.
  3. Whitigir
    The stock cables from Sony is very thin , or Small. Kimber cables is huge in comparison, and that in itself is already an upgrade. There are more to it, but I gotta talk simpler :)
  4. Virtu Fortuna

    I received a sample WM1Z unit from Sony Japan for Headfonia review.

    I must say I expected a small difference in sound compared to WM1A. But to me the difference is more than that. This is surely an amazing DAP that shines with an organic and refined sound. I'm simply blown away. You WM1Z owners are really lucky :)
  5. Whitigir
    Since when does Sony hand out samples for reviews ? You are lucky !
  6. Virtu Fortuna
    Well I knew a question like that would come. We were a little lucky to find a contact from Sony. I'm glad to get this chance to review this beauty.

    Not a keeper of course, it'll go after some time. And that will be one of the saddest days of my life lol.
  7. nanaholic
    I strongly recommend reading the engineering team's interview for the Walkman before you finalise your review. I think it will give you a different perspective of the device when you know the vision of the team, and whether you think they achieved their goal or fell short would make for some interesting comments.
  8. Virtu Fortuna
    Thank you for the tip. Where can I find the interview?
  9. Sarnia
    That's good timing, reinforced that yesterday's purchase of the WM1Z was a good idea.

    I've gone backwards and forwards on whether the extra cost and weight would be worth it for me over the already excellent WM1A.
  10. Virtu Fortuna
    That's of course a different thing to talk about, whether is it worth the cost etc. That depends on the ones personal preferences. It's literally heavy to carry around, but if you listen to your portable system in a home environment, then why not go for the best sound possible?
  11. nanaholic
  12. proedros
  13. Sarnia
    True indeed. I got a good deal, and would generally use it at work or when travelling.

    I've got the Sony Xperia XZ Premium smartphone and the Sony MUC-M2BT1 wireless adapter for walking about etc.
  14. gerelmx1986
    Now that the new Walkman will support most lossless Codecs, with the addition of the ape and MQA (more of a wrapper than a new format), I think the Walkman will be positioned well with competition, hope they are smarter with pricing too, a reason why maybe fiio has success.

    I've read that ape is inefficient in decode /encode but very efficient in space savings (compression) and FLAC is slightly behind ape bit os faster on encode /decode
  15. Whitigir
    You are majorly wrong in one count.

    Fiio, they use off the shelves parts. Let's say, any DAC chip they are using in a mass purchase would equal to $10 each.

    Now, Sony Walkman, Sony designed it from their "In House Technologies". The class D and S-Master itself are a marvelous achievement. Not sure if Class D within the Walkman is unique in any way, but I am certainly sure that everyone agree about S-Master.

    What I am saying is this, Fiio is a mass production using mass produced off the shelves parts, while Walkman is mass producers using its own technology which isn't mass produced for anything else. Is Sony pricing correctly done ? Well, it depends, for performances to pricing ratio, it is inflated.....however, marketing and statistic states otherwise....A&K is still selling their hugely overpriced DAP which uses Massively produced off the shelves parts just as much as Fiio. In this instance, the Sony Walkman is "Cheap" in comparison
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