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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. larzy
    So I just received the WM1A player today. Ran the "info" from Rockbox and it said the unit had the volume cap off even though the unit is CEW2 (West Europe) - shouldn't the volume cap be on by default? The volume goes to 120 steps. How high does the units with the hack enabled or the units outside Europe go? It doesn't have the high-gain output setting.

    Am I missing something? I have the unit up on 120 to have it high enough - It's okay, but I think I might like to go a bit higher.
  2. mw7485
    Do you have a high gain option under Settings | Output Options | Headphone Output?
  3. larzy

    No it doesn't have that - as I can read only the "E" version has this (Asia / Australia / NZ / Tourist) which was what I was going to change it to. Just wondered why it says OFF under Sound pressure.

    Have tried to upload the info I get when I run the batch with GET.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
  4. mw7485
    We don't know why this is, but what is important is the destination setting. Once you set this to one of the appropriate values, you will have High Gain available.
  5. larzy
    OK - so that's what will enable higher volume overall? I remember this from my Denon DA-10 amp/dac - it has a high/low grain where the volume goes higher.
  6. mw7485
    The volume won't go to a higher maximum number, but what is output for a given number will be, err, "more powerful" if that makes sense!
    larzy likes this.
  7. gerelmx1986
    He must change the region from cew2 to another different in order to activate the high gain
  8. mw7485
    I don't think that is in dispute....
  9. gerelmx1986
    Maybe then he also needs to set sound pressure to sp off /0?
  10. larzy
    I just thought that the sound pressure was equal the volume cap, so I was confused as to why it was set to off. My bad :)

    I'm returning the NW-WMA1 as I just found it on Amazon.co.uk (via this thread - thanks!) about 300$ cheaper then what I paid here in Denmark. So I won't do the change before I get the new unit..
  11. mw7485
    From memory, the only important setting is the destination code. I seem to remember the documentation even mentions that the sound pressure setting does not have any impact on the the volume cap; changing the destination to one of the right codes simply makes High Gain available. I'm pretty sure I just changed the destination to the East European setting, and didn't touch the sound pressure setting.
    Spidermeng likes this.
  12. drew911d
    Interesting device, but wow, expensive. Didn't care so much for the thick sound from the zx2 I sampled, but I think it had the eq settings on at the time. I'd really have to have a listen before dropping that much of my retirement fund... Anybody know where I could audition one around Phx, Az? Upgraditis...

    Thanks for your help,
  13. mw7485

    .....Welcome to the world of the 1Z :L3000: - if only temporarily!
  14. pietcux
    I am waiting for your WM1A review since weeks now. Now with both players on hand it gets even more interesting.
  15. Virtu Fortuna
    @mw7485 thank you. I will enjoy it even with a limited time.

    @pietcux My WM1A has a problem with the screen. It'll go to the service center I'm afraid. And I have other things to write that's why it's been delayed. So because of the screen problem of WM1A, looks like WM1Z will be the first one to be reviewed.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2017
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