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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. blazinblazin
    It's normal.

    Whenever i turned off for charging, it will auto in on mode.
  2. iamdman
    Thanks for confirming.
  3. gerelmx1986
    It is perfectly normal it turns on again, typical behaviour of sony never turns off when charging.

    Sony always ships electronics with Little charge, don't know why
  4. ttt123
    Yes, that is normal. Kind of strange, as you say, compared to almost any other device. Guess it is one of the idiosyncrasies of Sony developing their own interface from scratch, and not using the ubiquitous Android. Don't know if it was an intentional decision, or just something unplanned happening.
  5. ttt123
    Transport regulations require batteries to be limited to 30% of capacity. For bulk batteries, I guess that could be applied to batteries in devices also. Perhaps to limit the energy density available/lowered danger, in case something happens.

    IATA/ICAO Updates
    New ICAO/IATA regulations will limit the State of Charge (SOC) to 30% for all lithium ion cells and batteries on both Passenger and Cargo aircraft. Please refer to Packing Instructions 965.

    In this case, we will have to fully charge all the cells/packs and discharge to 30% of the capacity in our facility. It will delay the lead time significantly, so we strongly suggest you choose ship by Ground instead by air, because it will take equal or longer time than ship by Ground. If you have to choose ship by air, for example, oversea customers, please charge the cells/packs immediately when you receive them to maintain the cells/packs.
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  6. nanaholic
    Actually a lot of devices don't turn off now while charging, it's certainly not just a Sony thing.
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  7. ttt123
    Thinking about your observation, I realize that true power off is actually quite rare. Only devices that have a mechanical power disconnect switch are truly powered off. All others, where you press a button to boot up, turn on, etc., are just going into a low power standby state, as the device needs to be alive to monitor and react to the button push. Almost all devices fall into this category.
  8. nanaholic
    People often say that it's bad for the battery if you charge&use at the same time - but in reality in terms of engineering/chemistry it's only an issue if your device draws more power than both the AC power and battery can supply simultaneously such that the battery is a state of both charging and discharging. However modern charging circuitry are quite intelligent and should be regulating and protecting the battery, in fact some of the battery protection methods are build into the OS (like Sony's battery conditioning option in the Walkman - which monitors and charges the battery to only 90%), so in that case you actually want the device to be turned on while charging to do its magic.

    The other real factor that affects battery life is exposing the battery to heat - this could be a major issue for some smartphones where the internals could run pretty hot under load. But not for the Walkmans as we all know that this device hardly warms up even under heavy usage thanks to the Class D design of the amp.
  9. daniel_hokkaido
    So any SQ comparisons yet on this vs AK KANN?
  10. echineko
    When you say "this", are you referring to the WM1A or the WM1Z?
  11. Toolman
    KANN warms (heats) up after awhile while I kept my 1Z continuously burned in for the past 3 days and its still as cool as a cucumber. Sounds wise it is not even a fair comparison.
  12. Whitigir
    Ofcourse, because Wm1Z is class D and is the only one at it so far
  13. echineko
    Yes, that's why I asked for clarification. If it's 1A, might be worth comparing, if it's 1Z... :p
  14. daniel_hokkaido
    Yes sorry. I meant the 1A :) I am looking to upgrade my Pono player and am considering something with power. The Kann looks like one option, this another

    Anyone running their Z5 iems balanced with the pentaconn from the 1A?

  15. gerelmx1986
    I am running them on my WM1A with the stock balanced cable that came with the Z5 and an adapter to pentaconn
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