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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. iamdman
    I have on order 1A and I currently use Onkyo DP-X1 on its 2.5mm balanced (MoonaAudiosilver dragon cable; which is awesome!) for shure se846.

    Would this work for me to get baalanced out from 1A? https://www.ebay.com/p/?iid=272635556921&&&dispItem=1&chn=ps

    I was also looking at https://www.moon-audio.com/moon-audio-silver-dragon-v3-extension-adapter-cable.html but if the one in ebay is as good for me to use the 4.4mm balanced out on x1 that would be awesome! Or if there is any other adapter that I should consider?

  2. SoLame
    I don't think you need to spend $135 on a Moon Audio pigtail adapter. You already have a balanced cable and that short adapter being sold on eBay should work. I'm not sure about its quality, though.
  3. ledzep
    Personally I'd re- terminate it to 4.4mm, not a lover of adding more to the chain but if it's flexibility your after that adaptor looks fine and worth spending $9 on to try , certainly would not spend $100 + on any sort of adaptor.
  4. hung031086
    Anyone know how to check the version of 1A ? my 2nd 1A just arrived today. But on the left side of the player doesn't show it like my 1st one.

  5. iamdman
    I completely agree in not adding more to the chain and would love to go that route but I am not aware of any place for me to send my cable to have it re-terminated to 4.4.

    Thanks all for the inputs!
  6. nanaholic
    You can consider buying the official single entry 1A 4.4mm kimber balance cable:
  7. ttt123
    The Sony Kimber would not compare to the Moon, is my guess. I tried the Sony Kimber when that was the first 4.4mm that I could get hold of. Did not like it compared to my Whiplash TWAg V3, so sold the Sony cable.
  8. nanaholic
    That's just your sound preference - not really saying anything about better/worst.
  9. ttt123
    Agreed, this is purely a subjective and personal opinion. The reference points are that the Moon is a respected cable, as is the Whiplash. So that is the subjective reference point. As to whether the same comparison can be made for the Moon, that I experienced with my Whiplash, I certainly cannot guarantee that, but am just offering my experience with a different cable as a reference point, in case it is of some help in the decision.
  10. nanaholic
    In which case then you need to state in which ways do these cables you say changes things for the "better" in comparison to the Kimber.
    For example the Moon cables you listed are silver-plated OFC cables, which by general census silver enhances trebles and adds more sparkle - but what if that's not what the person is looking for? What if the person is looking to keep their 1A for the fun signature? In which case the pure OFC Kimber Kables might be the better choice. So simply stating that both the Moon and Whiplash being respected and used as a subjective reference point is not enough in such circumstances.
  11. ledzep
    The UC is United States and Canada I know that , see what the region is by using the volume cap programme is my guess.
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  12. ledzep
    I'm out of plugs till next week waiting for music sanctuary to re stock , if you can wait till then or source a plug yourself send it to me and I will do it for you for the cost price of the plug / postage, I'm in the UK.
  13. ttt123
    Compared to the Whiplash, the Kimber did not have much of a stage, was not as detailed, the sound was closed in. Most importantly, the music was not "involving", in comparison. Of course these are the differences expected between a copper and a silver cable. So that is the impression that stuck in my mind. Thinking about your points, I realize my comment is based on my subjective experience with a different cable, and may not have much relevance to another cable, as I do not know the aim, or the preference of the user, so you are correct, my post is based too much on my own feeling, and is an unfair/useless comparison or statement for the situation. I agree, better not to have made the comment.
  14. Toolman
    Everyone's opinions here are subjective at best...there are no hard and fast rules for the BEST of anything. One man's poison is another man's cure...our budget, hearing, preferences, experience, expectations etc are all different, so long as we just take what's written here as a general gauge and personal opinion it will be fine
  15. iamdman
    I just received my 1A and its beautifully crafted one for sure! I am currently charging it (for some reason the battery didn't have enough juice in it)..However, I am not able to shut down the player completely while it is charging - is that normal? When I press the power off (for few seconds) it prompts me if I need to turn it off and I say OK. It turns off but then powers back on right away. Is that because of its charging? I have not seen such "refusing to turn off" behavior when power is connected to any electronics stuff if so!
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