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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. aceedburn
    You don’t need a DAC for this. The built in DAC in the WM1A is brilliant. Just get a pair of powered speakers and a headphone amp that has pre amp output. I use my WM1A thru the pre-amp output of Magni 3 with my Creative T20ii powered speakers. Awesome sound from this combo.
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  2. Pablovi
    Thanks! So you take the single ended headphone output, 3.5mm, and use a mini plug to rca cable, connect that to the Magni 3, and then take the Magni RCA output to the powered speakers?

    I already have a Pre amp, amp combo. Rotel RC6-RB6, the pre amp has a media mini plug input, so I guess I can just skip the Magni 3 and plug the DAP to the preamplifier? Is it safe?

    Talking about Schiit products, is the Modi 3 any good? Will it sound similar to the DAP, or better or worse?
  3. aceedburn
    Yes I use the 3.5mm output to rca input of magni and rca output to my speakers. You could also connect 3.5mm from WM1A directly to 3.5mm of your pre amp.
    As for the modi 3 which is a DAC I don’t use it so can’t comment on it. I’m happy with the WM1A DAC.
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  4. nc8000 Contributor
    why go via the Magni and not straight from the dap to the powered speakers ?
  5. aceedburn
    My rig is setup that way on the desktop and the high gain setting on the magni helps boost the dynamics as well. I get better volume control using the magni compared to direct as well.
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  6. jaker782
    I've discovered this as well when trying to use my WM1A headphone out into a desktop amp vs using the WM1A as a digital transport into an external DAC, then into an amp. The only caveat to using the WM1A's built in DAC is that you don't get the 2vrms output into your amp, which will require you to use high gain at a higher volume setting for harder to drive cans. While it sounds fantastic, the headphone out is not very powerful. On the flipside, the lower volume output of the Sony will allow more volume control when driving efficient cans and iems from your desktop amp. Aside from power, another argument for using an external DAC vs the Sony internal DAC into an external amp/speakers is if you plan to use a non delta sigma DAC, like an Airist R2R or Schiit Multibit DAC, if that type of sound is preferred.
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  7. Pablovi
    Thank you both!

    Yeah I just tried it connected to the 3.5mm port, labeled media player in my preamp, but I have to turn the volume on the WM1A almost all the way up, It doesn’t sound bad, but the DSD files sound just the same as regular FLAC’s form my other source(Olive 03HD) media server. And I’m afraid having the volume all the way up will distort the sound a bit.

    Does the Schiit Multibit DAC accepts DSD files form the Sony WM1A? Will the Sony convert them? Will they even sound at all? That’s my main concern, I don’t want to spend on something and then figuring out it won’t work.

    BTW, which DAC did you used? Did it played DSD files correctly?

    Thanks again.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
  8. bflat
    Good ears! Only the balanced output support native DSD. 3.5mm port is DSD converted to PCM before amp stage.
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  9. gerelmx1986
    Good bass vibes with my IER-Z1R . Organ bass line to accompany the choir
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  10. Pablovi
    How do you get that channel level to show up?
  11. gerelmx1986
    change playback screen - digital peak meter
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  12. Pablovi

    Thanks, yeah I thought that was the case. So, there’s a way to get balanced output to a preamp or amp? Like a 4.4mm balanced output to xlr?
  13. nc8000 Contributor
    yes 4.4mm to balanced xlr will work
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  14. Redcarmoose

    Sony NW-WM1Z DIgital Audio Player (Japanese Tourist Edition) FW 3.02
    Sony IER-Z1R IEM #124 (Sony Silicone Hybrid Tips)(Included cable 4.4 Pentaconn to MMCX)
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  15. captblaze
    she is so beautiful all nekkid like that
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