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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. Jalo
    Well unless it comes with 512 gb internal storage, otherwise a micro SD slot is just average in today standard making the maximum storage of 512gb. Those hires and DSD formats will use up 512 gb easily. Also, I hope it has at least one type of digital out (optical, coax, or USB) otherwise, it will be like the Lotoo Paw Gold. It does look like it has a USB type C connector but whether it will have digital out remains to be seem. It needs to exceed AK 380 in features, sound quality, style, and spec, otherwise, I don't see anything special about it. I do like the new 4.4 SE/balance standards. Over at the 380 thread, there have been dream list thrown around for their next totl for next year, like oled screen, audio streaming, one TB of storage etc. We will find out in eight hours from now. But new totl product is always exciting.
  2. purk Contributor
    The digital out is available via a WMport / optional accessory and the quality of the signal is quite a bit better than those from FiiO, iBasso, and AK that I have tried.  Optical out is always worst and coaxial and USB out is just as good depending on the the implementation.  Yes, I agree with the Lotoo Paw Gold.  I would have bought one if I can use it as a digital transport.
  3. Jalo
    Thanks for the info on WMport. Agreed on optical out as it cannot DSD over optical on AK dap.
  4. musicdragoon
    The ES headphone amp have a DSD Re. LED... seems it can real time re-encode to DSD like the ES network player? Wonder if the WM1 also have this feature:D
  5. Jalo

    If Sony is going to implement DSD lets hope they do native DSD, I do not like any conversion at all. AK is still to beat in that regard with dual AKM Dac handling native DSD processing. With all the new daps that came out this past year, the bar is set pretty high for anyone to surpass all the top spec and features. Of cause, if anyone can do it, it will be Sony but they have to put their mind to it. If Sony wants to charge a premium and make a totl product they have to resist the urge to make a mass consumer product at the same time which is in their nature and that will ruin the intention of creating a totl product.
  6. Conext
    So, since Sony stamped "balanced" on this new DAP instead of "separate grounds", like the ZX2 has, does that mean we'll be getting something with two S-Master chips?
    Granted, I never followed its technical design in any detail, but I thought it was fundamentally different from other DAC chips out there—so much so that using two chips (one for each channel) as one might find using a Sabre DAC implementation for instance, just wasn't possible? Or maybe I'm confusing that with the way a D-class amp works? Maybe?
  7. gerelmx1986
    i dont care about DSD all my music is FLAC, aisde DSD intouces more errors than PCM is what i hav read
  8. leylandi
    New photos
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  9. goldendarko
    No thanks. I've got the HA-1. More about the portable unit!
  10. boomtube
    I'm very interested in the new amp...I was on the verge of getting the Mass Kobo 404, but now I want to look into this a bit more.
  11. purk Contributor

    The reason u are going DSD is to take the benefit of the available Hi-Rez catalog in sacd/DSD format. I actually have over 250 albums in DSD that I managed to rip from my PS3. Don't rule out good music however. Most hi-Rez flac and DSD are worthwhile because of better mastering.
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  12. gerelmx1986
  13. Jalo

    Totally agreed. In my experience with DSD and regardless of format strengths and weaknesses, they are usually much better mastered and carefully recorded and as a result the usual problems associate with standard formats are much better control like noise floor, dynamics, mic placement, sound staging etc. Btw, do you have a hard drive that I can buy? Just kidding:wink:
  14. Cotnijoe
    Looks like the person is using sony's new balanced jack in the photo! [​IMG]
  15. gerelmx1986
    Of course it's called marketing [​IMG]
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