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  1. proedros
    well this is all speculation , right ?

    so i guess what we need to do , is have both 1a and 1z owners who upgraded to 2.0 tell us a)which dap they have and b)what changes they are perceiving

    the consensus so far is very positive , which is a good sign , and i expect more people sharing their experiences in the upcoming days

    hey @Matrix Petka you have 1a right ? how did the sound change in your ears at least ?
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  2. FlyingTrotter
    Only have the 1A and I guess cables and CIEM will make a big difference to what you hear as will music type but I am gettting materially greater separation/air and hence wider and deeper soundstage - I don’t have the vocabulary to adequately communicate the tonal shift but I am a happy chap and so far all the musical genre I have tested have felt better to my ears - placebo effect - perhaps
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  3. Matrix Petka
    Yes, I am happy owner of 1A, decapped.
    My experience with wirwmare version 2 (repeating - sorry if it against forum rules):

    1.Sound - some light changes for good. Wider soundstage, better instruments separation. Sounding more detailed, light. High frequencies more transparent, better articulated. Bass - more impact, deeper. It looks that some more loudness added in amplification - listening now 3-5 dials less than previously.
    Using only balanced.
    2.Bluetooth - perfected. Super fast connection. Total improvement in sound - aptX with PXC550.
    3.Firmware more responsive, faster.
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  4. Matrix Petka
    Sony's Santa, do you hear us?
    DAC, we want DAC for Christmas!!!! :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:
  5. gerelmx1986
    Lol Handel messiah we want sheep we like sheep.

    Teak it to Sony we want DAC we like DAC haha
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  6. Matrix Petka
    You made my day...... LOL
  7. mw7485

    The trouble is, how can confirmation bias be eliminated? I genuinely believe we have a signature change, well more of a refinement really - and a good one at that. BUT, I know I read the posts about the changes before I "heard" them - and I can therefore not rule out the possibility that confirmation bias has influenced me.... Still, I like what I am hearing, and that is good enough for me! :slight_smile:
  8. Matrix Petka
    Back to serious things. Maybe somebody tried Pioneer SE Master 1 with WM1A/Z? Please share your impressions.
  9. Whitigir
    Sa5000 in Balanced to 1z/a should be satisfying enough :)
  10. FortisFlyer75
    Cheers Turrican2:beerchug: I am about to update my 1A now so is a relief the BT remote works as from a logistical use pov this is pivitol for me to use with the Walkman and should be standardized across all their Walkmans no matter which territory it is. It really was the icing on the cake for me when the Japanese OS hack unlocked this on my EU 1A model. I love this player a lot and for me the 1A and 1Z is what Sony have always been capable of doing like the old days but now finally finding themselves again in turning out a truely great device. One thing I noticed was how many 1A& 1Z's are now been used by company's on the stands at the last couple of shows this year I have been to, not so many A&K players been used as a consequence.

    I can imagine one of the Sony engineers coming back from his tea break and mixing up the files before uploading to the web and no one realizing until the updates been unleashed on us now:laughing:
    All I would need to do tomorrow is go out and buy a can of Gold spray and have a Blue Peter made Z1!

    Have you been a good boy though?

    I know not everyone wants or needs this feature but would be handy feature to have and would not be much else I would want on this player unless they could magically make Tidal & Qubuz work on here without sacrificing any SQ performance then I'm set with this player and very content with it other than they could of designed a better stock case for it especially when it cost so much, thank good for Dignis otherwise I would of been pretty narked off without a decent case to protect my 1A, not as if it is a sub £300 player Sony make anymore here. If only they looked back at their old Walkmans like on the cassette players on their then top models they done really thought out designed quality leather cases that looked and performed the part. Other than that I think i'm extremely happy with this Walkman.

    Yes, bring on the Christmas cracker DAC feature Sony.... Please:fingers_crossed:
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  11. Matrix Petka
    I think so - I have heavy moded (changed internal wiring to silver, extra dumping and tuning for my sound signature, changeable cable, some earpads modification - pure silver litz balanced). But you know - new toy syndrome :) Have good price offer, but need to drive 100km back and forth. Have a feeling, that I will be driving in that cold autumn weather......
  12. Whitigir
    LOL! Now this I understand. Though, a Maxed out SA5000 is likely to keep kicking many so called modern flagships in the Ars
  13. cattlethief

    Trying to do a bit of digging, managed to blag an unused open box wm1z(european) for a decent price,so I thought! as it had zero hours played and high gain,then I checked in the menu and found the Japanese
    technical standard conformity certification above so now wondering why would a Japanese model have the CE sticker on the side,was it maybe a demo model sent over.
    Or do they they put the sticker on when shipping to Europe?
  14. gerelmx1986
    So the disc tag is used like this? f.e imagine Moxat piano sonatas of five discs which i have in the album as Mozart piano sonatas CD n where n represents the disc number. so if i use the Disc tag i put in each album Disc 1 for album CD1 disc 2 for the second and so on or i shall do as Disc 1/5, for the first Disc 2/5 for the second and so on until 5/5?
  15. kubig123

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