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Sony MDREX310LP vs Klipsch S4 vs Sennheisser CX 485 vs Shure SE 215 ---Best IEM????

  1. akshayrajsingh
    Hey Guys,
                   I know there have been dozens of chats around these IEM's on multiple posts. But there was no clear consensus as to which one is truely the best bang for the buck, off the lot. I've been through CX 300-II, EP630, EX Monitor series and Klipsch Pro media. I now am planning to get myself one pair that will really keep me happy for a while. So which one of these do you think is truely the ultimate value for money????
  2. Zalithian
    I don't know what the difference is between the CX475 and CX485, but having owned a few higher tier IEM's, I can safely say the CX475's are pretty good for the $40 I got them for (At Best Buy, not a place I would normally shop at). They have pretty good clarity overall, comfortable, and cheap. They don't isolate all that well, but I don't know any Sennheiser in ears that really do.
  3. eke2k6
    I love the Shure SE215. I only sold it because I wanted a slightly different sound. Judging by your choices, I'm guessing you haven't heard anything top-tier (and/or uber expensive) so the SE215 would be a fantastic first step into mid-fi.
    Of all the IEMs you listed, the one you should run from is the Klipsch S4. The sound is muddy and muffled, and the bass is bloated and uncontrolled. You can get much better value and sound from the Meelectronics M6. Those go for about $13 on sale, and $18 regularly.
    Happy Hunting, and welcome to Head-Fi. Apologies about thine wallet

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