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    EP-630 paracord sleeve and clip
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    EP-630 Rubber ring mod
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    EP-630 plug fix (Neutrik plug, paracord sleeve)
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    My humble rig: iPod Video 5.5G 30GB (running Rockbox) -> Passive Crossfeed Filter (Modified Linkwitz, Low Z version) -> Creative EP-630)
  5. Tripzter

    DIY molded earphones review.

    Last year i saw a kid wear a pair at the gym.  Yup i was a bit confused at the headphones since they looked a bit goofy.    Since then i looked up how to make a pair and soon after i was rockin' my own pair of molded earphones.   I've gotten lots of confused faces asking why am i wearing...
  6. rivarex1104

    Apple Earpods specification

    Hi guys, I'm now exploring the sound frequency and I think it's pretty important to understand the frequency range of the headphones/earphones. I have started with my own headsets like creative EP-630, Audio Technica ATH-ES7. However, I couldn't find the specs for new Apple earpods (iphone 5)...
  7. olivierhacking

    Intra ($20 -> $50 -> $200) Level Audio Quality

    Hi everyone,   I have owned 20$ Creative EP-630 IEM for a while, and I now upgraded to 50$ Fischer Audio Consonance IEM. I am a bit disappointed in terms of how much of a jump there was in audio quality (however I did notice more sub bass of course and ever so slightly clearer trebles. This is...
  8. music065

    Are High-End Headphones Addictive?

    Is the interaction of quality headphones/iems and the human body kind of like drugs, in that our body quickly develops a tolerance to it, and it keeps taking more and more to give us that "high?" Anyone else had the experience that: you used to feel so great listening to your low-end...
  9. tripsteady

    Best Inner Ear for Galaxy S3 ?

    Hi Guys     So im sure you get alot of these questions asked all the time , but an unable to find a sticky answering this so here goes :   What is the best in ear earphones for under $100? I will use this for commuting   They must have the following :   - Clarity is important ...
  10. shibashis

    In-the-ear Headphone for Xperia U.

    I am planing to buy a new headphone for my Xperia U as my old sony headphone which was came "on the box" with the mobile is lost. As i head that Xperia U supports CITA standrad  3.5 jack. So I am a it confused to buy a new headphone that it will support my Xperia U or not. My preferences are:- ...
  11. Father Schu

    Pink Noise Burn-In?

    I just acquired a new pair of ATH-CK7's canalphones. Right out of the package I put them in my ears, turned on the iPod/Tomahawk and Bam! Muddy bloated bass and a no extension high end. The highs sounded like the V-Moda Vibes I used to own where I had to boost the treble on my iPod just to make...
  12. Saumil1989

    Best IEM in 1500 INR?

    Hello friends,    I am new to this forum, I go through this site for reviews as it is very reliable and useful too. I am currently using Tekfusion Twinwoofers (White) and not at all happy with it. I am planning to buy new IEM in 1500 INR.   I listen to Rock, Metal, Trance, Pyschadelic...
  13. maheeinfy

    NE 700M over EP630?

    Hey guys, I owned Creative EP 630 till last month and i was OK with that sound. Wanting more i purchased Nuforce NE 700M last week. I was expecting sound quality to be lot better compared to EP 630. I dont know whats wrong..NE 700M dont sound much better than EP630. I have been trying to burn...
  14. clyhk

    what would be better? Sony MDR EX-60 or Creative EP-630?

    I'm a korean boy that torn between MDR-EX60 and EP-630   I've been used MDR-Ex50 before and that satisfied me   but I lost it..   so I searched a good quality per price In-ear monitors..   and I narrowed two models that ex60 and ep-630   there are some quastions between two...
  15. dfkt

    Google CX300/EP-630 ;)

    Like, seriously...  
  16. G

    Creative ep-630 fake?

    It's a fake?
  17. sachinaddy

    Disappointed with Creative EP-630

    Hi mates,   I m using this In-ear headset from last 5-6 years. I didn't like anything other than this. But yesterday, I bought the same model and to be honest, I didn't like the sound quality of this anymore.   Could you please suggest me some good noise cancellation in-ear headset with...
  18. v3nato

    Cheap IEM equvilent to ep-630. Bang for the buck IEM.

    Hello fellow Head-fi user. I recently created an account but have followed the site for  years. I recently purchased the Panasonic RP-HTF600-S after they received so much positive feedback from the forum. They are cheap and great headphones. So my question is if there is some kind of...
  19. supernatural

    Should I upgrade my EP-630?

    I've had these for I think 3 years now and these were my first IEMs. I'm thinking of upgrading them to the Vsonic GR02 Bass edition ones since one ear has stopped working. The question is, will I notice a significant difference since the prices differ by only 20$ or so? Or is such a minor...
  20. whoelse

    It's 2013, who still like their EP-630?

    I have a few IEMs, TF10, MT, RE0, 300SL and the cheap SHE3590 but somehow IEM is not my cup of tea. While the TF10 is quite good it is hugh so I sold them, the RE0 even though is not the best have special place in me. I think it is quite special and since all these IEMs, I have move on to...
  21. vanamonde

    IEM's for electronic , ambient , downtempo music ?

    Hi, I am planning to buy two IEM's one in 0-50$ range and the other about 100$-150$. I listen mostly to electronic & ambient/downtempo  music like (Moby,Air,Royksopp etc, etc). could anybody please suggest me good & durable (i have a bad history of electronic device abuse and carelessness. in...
  22. ananthu

    Help me.... Custom IEM vs Universal IEM..........In India!

    First and foremost ....I know that there are many similar threads and I am sorry for posting another ....but some of my questions are not the usual ones I find here.......!Also sorry for the long post!     So....I am a college student from India.I love music,but haven't had a lot of...
  23. QuakeFX

    Bass upgrade over the Creative EP-630

    I've been using the Creative EP-630 for years and since I'm not a hi-fi expert, I was pretty satisfied with the sound they produced and to be honest, they are just the greatest bang-for-buck IEMs. Now that I have a bit more money to spend I want to upgrade my IEMs. I listen primairly to Dubstep...
  24. Cerace

    Tricky first foray in a brave new world - advice on budget IEMs

    Hi there everyone,   I've spent a couple of weeks searching and reading this forum in an effort to try and learn all about IEMs and how to purchase the right model. Finally I decided to ask you guys directly, and I apologize in advance for the inevitable overlapping with so many other...
  25. Cron Merdek

    [ ADVICE ] Bass heavy IEM under 300$, with additional requirements

    Dear All, I am recently gave back to the store my Philips Fidelio M1, and decided to give up my attempts to find out comfortable supra aural headphones. Thus, now I am looking for IEM with dynamic driver preferably.   As for now I have Creative EP-630 (and happy with bass), Brainwavz M2 (not...