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Sony IER-M9 impressions thread

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  1. Giullian
    Get itchy can be the tip you are using or just normal body reaction to the long exposure to the "strange body" in contact with your skin.
  2. dazzerfong
    Or probably the fact that I'm using them 12+ hours a day.....
  3. Giullian
    lol. in this case you're lucky it's only getting a bit itchy.
  4. dazzerfong

    I've always been big on IEMs, but these are truly the first ones which allow me to listen to music all day long. Polaris gets awfully painful at around the 3 hour mark, and the UE900 at around the 6 hour mark. These, I can listen to them all day long and my ears would not even complain more than a slight itch.

    Form factor is pretty much as close to perfect for me. I was tempted to get some custom inserts, but I honestly think they're more for the isolation than the actual comfort. On the off-chance I want to get custom tips, what's a good place to get them?
  5. Giullian
    I agree with the M9 shape and comfort, they were the most comfortable ones I had aside from the customs. Any Campfire Audio IEM lasts for more than a couple hours in my years. I wish Z1r had the same fit, that would be the perfect IEM.
  6. bibit69
    Yup, both M7 and M9, can listen for many hours. I get tired of most BA treble and DD bass. Funny how strong the bass of M7 and M9 but never have that abused eardrum feeling even for so long listening sessions.
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  7. Mal Waldron
    Any comparison with EX1000? Thank you very much!
  8. Colors
    Andros - warmer, more weight on the notes, smoother tuning and better texture.

    M9 - sharper, better imaging, better separation, more realistic soundstage, detail monster.

    EX1000 - better bass than both (DD bass). Brighter in the lower treble but lacks the sparkle of the other two. Best dynamics of the other two.

    They’re on the same level. It’s hard to pick one over the other. That’s why I have the M9 and Andros :) Had to sell EX1000 bc of the poor fit for me and lack of isolation.
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  9. Mal Waldron
    Thank you for your words... I'm a big enthusiastic of EX1000, fit and isolation aren't problems to me. I think I'll need to weigh my decision a little before making another big investment
  10. Colors
    If you remove isolation as a factor (which is not really fair bc the EX1000 sound derives from the open vents), they’re on the same level. EX1000 has the best bass by far out of the three.
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  11. dazzerfong
    With regards to the 'over-isolation', I can share my experiences with that a bit more.

    I bought a pack of Comply comfort tips, and with them, the tendency to 'over-isolate' was gone. Funnily enough, it actually isolated less than the silicon, but only by a hair (traded low-frequency isolation for high-frequency isolation).

    Oh, and these tips allow me to use them for multiple days at a time now. I was bedridden due to a flu, and I practically only took it off to go shower or talk to people.

    I also took the time, when waiting for the Comply tips to be retrieved in the store, to try out the M7s. Honestly, it's like 90% of the way there - the bass and mids were practically there. Lacks a bit of the air and sparkle of the M9s, but then again, it's like half the price. The cable was nicer too, as it's black rather than silver, but the shell was glossy plastic rather than the matte magnesium of the M9.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2019
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  12. MarkF786
    I've been tempted to get the M9 despite owning several other hi-end IEMs (Z1R, Solaris, Andromeda, EX1000, Xelento, SE846) not to mention many 'lesser' IEMs.

    Is the M9 different enough than the above to be worth getting?
  13. Colors
    Yes, I’ve demo’d or owned all the ones you’ve mentioned and they excel in one way or another comaped to what you listed:

    Z1R - M9 more comfortable
    Solaris - M9 better separation and imaging
    Andromeda - M9 more transparent
    EX1000 - M9 actually has isolation! And more extended highs
    Xelento - M9 better soundstage and doesn’t sound congested
    846 - so long ago, don’t remember anymore. Probably M9 sounds tonally better from recollection
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  14. MarkF786
    Thanks for the feedback, Colors. Is the M9 your current "go to" IEM?

  15. Colors
    Andro Gold is. But M9 is 2nd probably.
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