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Sony IER-M9 impressions thread

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  1. dmusicd
    Thx for the suggestion pal. I've got the Bose Soundsport for running and PXC 550 for travelling. The Sony wireless I tried (both TW and Over Ears) didn't impress me as much as what I currently own. If and when I do upgrade, I've got my eyes set on the B&O E8/ Sennheiser for Truly Wireless and the B&O H9i for over ears. (The PX7 & P9s from B&W are the only ones that sounded better than the H9i, but I couldn't stand the clamping force for over 30 mins)

    But I, digress.

    The reason for a beater pairs of wired are, I don't think I'm using the ZX300 enough. It's barely seeing 30-45 mins of usage a day. Often via bluetooth & the battery life takes a beating. Additionally, with wired, I'll have one less gadget to charge.
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  2. CoryGillmore
    Currently listening to Fleetwood Macs Rumors, HDtracks release from the 4.4 on my ZX300. Blissful. Soundstage width and depth, separation and imaging along with the sense of space are simply incredible. Switching to a smaller tip combined with my deep insertion technique has breathed new life into the M9 for me. It's been a substantially more consistent and enjoyable experience.
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  3. quan72io
    i dont understand why lots of people say that ier-m9 has narrow soundstage. compared to other gears i have, the m9 has sufficient amount of space and airiness in its performance. sometimes i feel like if the soundstage is too wide, some tracks turn out to be overwhelming and the bass is like all over my head. as result, i'm quite fatigued though
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  4. CoryGillmore
    I still find that I have to change tip size about every other day. It's like my ears adjust to a tip if I use it for more than a day. So one day the ML will be best then the next day the M will be best. It's slightly annoying...But I think it's just me.
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  5. Mal Waldron
    I think I finally stay with the L size. ML, once they have lost their slight initial stiffness, I find them somewhat small, especially because I still can't find a good sound if I introduce them a lot in the ear canal.
  6. Sonywalkmanuser
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  7. Smasher
    Same here, normally I use S tips but somedays they feel too small and I have to switch to MS, and then back again to S the next day! M9s are the only iems I had this issue with :ksc75smile:
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  8. emenel
    i’ve actually settled on he M TC for both sides after a few days of having a different size in both ears... but i don’t think i’ll be changing them again, these seem perfect now.

    i am curious about Spinfit though, so might try some just to compare.
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  9. emenel
    Edited post --

    This post originally said that the Chord Mojo sounded better than the basic iPhone dac dongle, but now I'm not so sure. I just did some side by side comparison, and while the Mojo sounds slightly clearer in the mids, I'm not actually convinced that it sounds better. I'll have to do some further testing.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2019
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  10. CoryGillmore
    SpinFits for me caused a bad suction effect. Which probably just means I needed a smaller size.
  11. Mal Waldron
    IMG_20191214_115821.jpg IMG_20191214_115741.jpg
    I have been testing a copper cable, Linsoul LSC09, which I had for a few months to use with the JVC HA-FD02, and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. To begin with, I will say that it is not a cable too appropriate to take to the street since it is quite thick and its integration with this IEM itself is not the best, but I find it even more comfortable than the standard one. I've immediately noticed a much wider music scene and fuller sound due to an increase in low frequencies. Maybe the highs seem to have cut a little. I've only been testing electronic and jazz music.

    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
  12. Sonywalkmanuser
    Reposting my post from the zx507 thread as this is related to IER M9:

    When it comes to soundstage and imaging, only a handful of iems and headphones are able to get it right as in having the stereo image not sounding closed inside your head.

    Your audio source also contributes to how the stereo image is rendered. Usually balanced audio improves this but not all balanced audio is well implemented, some just over-widens the soundstage and sounding flat in depth.

    the playback music file's microphone recording and studio mastering quality matters alot. Aka garbarge in garbarge out.

    Soundstage Width, Depth and Height:
    It's easier to find iem/headphones with good width
    Depth is more prominent on better designed iem/headphones
    However when it comes to height, this property is something that is missing or barely showing up in most headphones and IEMs.

    On headphones, open back headphones offers better soundstage over closed ones but good soundstage on closed headphones do exist.

    So far I only found great soundstage height with HD800 and IER M9.

    And your source must be good enough able to render the soundstage. For example if you use Apple iPhone dongle plugged to the IER M9, the soundstage will sound collapsed.

    if you use the ZX507 DSEE on balanced with IER M9, you will straight away understand what is soundstage height with well recorded music.
  13. Damz87
    Even though this player cost me all of my hobby spending money for the rest of my life, it is still worth every cent. Combined with the M9 is like nothing else I’ve heard. I don’t think I can describe it in a way that will do it any justice. If you can get your hands on one of these at some point in time to pair with your M9, even if it destroys your marriage, it’s totally worth it!!

    disclaimer: my marriage isn’t destroyed but my wife thinks I’m insane.
  14. Sonywalkmanuser
    IER M9 is a very under-rated iem. Its best strength is it's ability to maintain coherency in any type of music. Every element in the music can be heard with precision.
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  15. Dinche
    What you describe is exactly what I hear, even with its poorer cousin M7. I have never heard an IEM with such a precision and coherency, without sacrificing the musicality.

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