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Sony IER-M9 impressions thread

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  1. anarch1st
    Yup. $7 shipping though just for tips which is annoying lol. Was thinking of picking up a spare IER-M9 balanced cable as well now. It's a steal at $100 AUD ($67 USD) when USA's part supplier is selling the same cable for $160 USD and the Z1R balanced cable for $130 USD.
  2. Damz87
    Yeah true lol, the shipping is a rip off just for tips.

    Love the M9 cable too. picked up one for my Z5’s and they are perfect for them :)

    CoryGillmore likes this.
  3. twiceboss
    also forgot about the spiral, it makes the background vocals even louder than the lead singer. That's kinda weird to me tbh.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2019
    Mal Waldron likes this.
  4. twiceboss
    sony's new cable is just too good tbh
    CoryGillmore and Damz87 like this.
  5. sphinxx
    HI, how can you contact Sony USA part reseller, may I ask?
  6. CoryGillmore
    Can someone post a link to where these Z1R tips can be purchased? Thanks. I find those highly intriguing.
  7. twiceboss
    what;s the different btw?
  8. MarkF786
  9. MarkF786
    Will they ship from AUS to USA?
  10. Mal Waldron
    Glad to see this thread is getting hot :hot_pepper:
  11. twiceboss
    lol... i guess there is no reason for to get it XD
  12. twiceboss
    Today, i tried M9 with Final E tips. Super different. It gives that sweet little highs. If you have final e tips, please try it. Currently my fav running M9 thru xCAN or apple dongle. Will do more tip rolling on 9038s balance later.
  13. Mal Waldron
    I never have tried those. Which size are you using?
  14. twiceboss
    it's a medium i guess.
  15. MarkF786
    It's odd there are so few "professional" reviews of the IER-M9. I've been tempted to get a pair and I figured some good reviews might push me over the edge - but there are barely any reviews around!
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