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Sony IER-M9 impressions thread

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  1. twiceboss
    Overlooked IEM. Tbh, this set is so perfect for neutral head
  2. twiceboss
    more update for the tip rolling, the provided sony tips. The triple comfort, i think this is the best tips. This is so unique. It's like a velour pads for iem tips. This is my first time using this kind of material. It gives air and also seal for fuller sound. This might be the best tips ive ever use so far.

    Yes, the M9 doesnt get much love, ill be here to keep this IEM alive because this deserves more love.
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  3. CoryGillmore
    I wish they made an LL TC tip. The L is too small for my gaping ass ear holes.
  4. thesheik137
    To keep this thread rolling, I'll give my 2c on tips.
    In general I'm not a huge tip roller, if I get a good seal with good comfort and sound I stick with those.

    At first I was using Sony hybrid S tips, but had issues inserting too deeply and getting vacuum effects and it drove me crazy reinserting them so many times.

    Currently, I'm using regular M comply tips and they sound great. Enough air and bass to get the full M9 sound. I haven't yet tried the triple comfort tips and I'm sure they are probably the best, but I don't want to "soil" the stock tips incase I upgrade in the future.
  5. twiceboss

    Get this tips, take them since it is crazy cheap currently. The best so far with M9. The only con is just the look. Didnt look as sleek as my second fav triple comfort, but the white of RE Series RE400 tips literally widen the soundstage of M9, better betterr mids separation, highs are sparkle and the bass is even more widely controlled from subbass to the upperbass. $2 grab fast!
  6. CoryGillmore
    I think you're jumping the gun on these tips. I remember when I was trying new tips for the M9, I tried SpinFits, Spiral Dots and Complys. And each time at first listen I was convinced THIS was THE best tip! That was until I went back to the Sony Hybrids. After much deliberation and back and fourth I'm convinced the Sony tips are crucial to the tuning of the M9 and are the best.
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  7. twiceboss
    But please do try this. Ive been A B intensively now really. It's 2 bucks on amazon. This should be $15 on ebay etc. Do grab them during this ridiculous price and tell me your impression. No kidding been A B ing from Spiral, Symbio W, Sony Hybrid, Sony Triple Comfort. Please do try i stress this again.
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  8. CoryGillmore
    Post a link to these spare parts please!
  9. CoryGillmore
    Me too! It's been a long time coming. These have definitely been a slow burn in the head-fi community. And they still don't get a fraction of the attention they deserve. I made this thread and the Tin Hifi P1 thread and the P1 thread has sooo much more traffic than this one it's insane. Bargain priced Chifi is where the industry hype is at nowadays.
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  10. thesheik137
    True, but the interesting thing is that M9 actually represents decent value too. Considering most flagships are 2-3k nowadays and the M9 can be bought new for 1k.
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  11. anarch1st
    M9 Balanced - https://www.speedyspares.com/shop/sony/3861-sony-ier-m9-balanced-headphone-cable-s0191270411.html
    M7 Balanced - https://www.speedyspares.com/shop/sony/3864-sony-ier-m7-balanced-headphone-cable-s0191270611.html

    You can just type IER-M9 and you'll see tips pop up in the search.

    M9 Balanced - https://sony.encompass.com/item/12319321/Sony/1-912-704-11/
    Z1R tips and cables - https://sony.encompass.com/search?searchTerm=ier-z1r

    $750 USD in Australia for a couple of months. I've seen it drop to the $850-900 range in Japan. The M7 is currently $370 USD in Australia but still around $550 USD in Japan. M7 is also criminally underrated considering the ChiFi stuff people buy for the same price if not more.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2019
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  12. Damz87
    Haven’t heard the M7 yet but have been tempted to audition it sometime just to compare. Does it do anything better than the M9?
  13. anarch1st
    Don't believe so, it'd be a downgrade for us. But $338 USD after TRS for us Aussies, can't think of anything that would trump it +/- $25.
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  14. twiceboss
    I will try my best to keep M9 thread alive :) thanks for the thread. This is my endgame material. I will make sure this set has a proper guideline for a new user!
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  15. PointyFox
    Don't think so. It sounded muffled compared to the M9.

    Post revised. See below.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
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