Sony/B&W/HTC/AKG/Sennheiser/MISC Thread

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  1. aertus
    upload_2017-11-9_21-12-39.png I thought it was just me on how washed out it looks wtf. I think samsung gave them a worse panel then the ones they get on their own lmfao or samsung oled still terrible.

    I gotta find a new best buy lmfao to see it in person. The crazy part is that the xz1 is supposed to look even better than the XZP (when both are in default 1080p) because apparently the xz1 has the most accurate whites and also gets brigther.

    lmfao burn. Im wondering how the LCD screen on Sony stacks up against HTC11 and Nokia 8. I'm not sure yet I think maybe SOnys might be better but there is the new htc11 plus with new screen.

    ill give that article a read.
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  2. bencherian
    And the "display mate " reviewed them as the best screen of 2017. iPhone X.
    I think washed out display are new accurate display trend although I personally don't like it.

    I love Huawei displays for their sharp and crispy yet punchy display.
    Not to mention Sony is the king of LCDs
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  3. aertus
    yeah JDI makes the best LCD's and once they transition to OLED technology btw JDI OLED prototypes are better than samsung and also cheaper due to inkjet printing. The partnership is the strongest in japan of its kind because lots of tech and companies put together to make JDI. SO JDI Oled will beat samsung 100 percent.

    Display mate i can't take it seriously when its only testing samsung and apple. With that said, even if its slightly more accurate and a bit brighter than samsung panels the lower resolution really kills the display. Since its pentile the 1080p on it makes it look like its 720p.
    If you look at it in person it looks really fuzzy and not sharp at all thanks to the lower resolution and pentile amoled.
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  4. RockStar2005
    Maybe it's both? LOL

    Well, the XZ1 IS newer, so I could see that being true. But since they both run on the 835, to me it comes down to preference. Though I'd prob rather have the XZ1's metal unibody, after having seen the XZP in black (I thought I'd like the silver one more, but black in person is incredible), I think I'd prob just go with the XZP. Only thing is, I'd really prefer they went 18:9 on the body of both phones (or at least the XZP's), but whatever. Anyway, it doesn't matter b/c w/o VoLTE for T-Mo, that phone (well both phones) is dead to me unfortunately. lol

    It was a couple mos ago that I saw it, so I don't know if any Best Buys still have it on display, but maybe? I'm guessing it didn't have an active FS either since it's the U.S. version. Another big strike on Sony Mobile's part.

    Yeah........not sure there either. The U11+ is another "near win" to me b/c it takes the U11 and makes it better with the 18:9 design. It prob sounds at least very close to the V30 in terms of audio quality, though you have to use a dongle to get it. lol But since I do that male/female adapter trick on the V30 to force it into the higher/louder amp mode, I'm already essentially using a dongle I guess anyway. lol The colors look nicer on the U11+ too. No more "cheap drug store jewelry" colors. lol IF the V30 didn't exist, and IF the U11+ was ACTUALLY sold in the U.S. (and had T-Mo VoLTE), I would've prob bought it over the XZP or XZ1 if they had T-Mo VoLTE too. But oh well. lol

    I'm not sure, but sometimes I feel like my 10's camera MIGHT be better than my V30's? Like it might have had more detail on it? But sometimes the V30's pics come out amazing, so again I may just be imagining it.

    Yeah check it out.
  5. aertus
    you should check out your best buy and see if they have the xz1 on display i'd be interested on the display they definitely improved it. the XZ1 has the most accurate whites right now so there is no longer any blue hue on it.

    yeah its likely samsung OLED is still **** lmfao. Cuz taht looks so washed out next to an IPS LCD screen. But if you do look at the gloves of mario the Iphone x does have better whites. I'd be interested to see XZ1 vs Iphone X comparison since since xz1 has the best sony display. Check it out in person if best buy has it.

    Yeah Sony said they are going to change their design language for MWC. How crazy would it be if Sony comes out with a new bezeless design with an improved version of the 4k HDR display. I feel like if sony plays it cards right and since the contract will expire in 2018 if they do it right they will win market share through T-mobile.

    Bro in the USA motorola just acquired 5 percent market share since they stated selling through carriers again. 5 godamn percent for their damn garbage phones. IF sony sold through carriers they could easily gain like 15 percent and it wouldn't be hard when motorola garbage can do it LOL.

    speed tests shows Sony and Google pixel are faster phones. And BOTH phone anrea and GSM reviews saying it feels incomplete and overhyped product because the software is weird.
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  6. RockStar2005
    I'll try and see if I can find time to go there soon. Maybe tomorrow, but MAYBE. lol

    Nice on no more blue hue on the Xperia phones.

    Yup, that is possible about Samsung's OLED. lol I dunno. They always have looked oversaturated and not color accurate to me. lol

    That would be f'ing AWESOME if Sony went bezel-less AND had another 4K HDR phone THROUGH carriers that would totally rock! Yeah man............ I saw a chart showing Sony Mobile's sales (not sure if U.S. or int'l now), and not shockingly.........when I looked at when it seriously dipped, it was mid to late 2015.................WHEN SONY MOBILE STOPPED SELLING THROUGH U.S. CARRIERS! lol So yeah, hopefully in 2018 they will quit signing stupid contracts and get their heads out of their A$$ and sell through carriers again. 15% would be extraordinary for them to pull off.

    Well F Phone Arena and GSM then! lol Yeah Sony's UI IMO has always been very similar to stock. I have even have a friend of mine who works in IT and even he said when I showed him my old Z3 a few years ago that it had a very stock-like look.
  7. RockStar2005
    Well aertus.............if you really want the XZP or XZ1 (XZ1 still not 100% confirmed though), then red alert! If you're willing to do a little bit of flashing, apparently you can get both (def XZP) WITH VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling, AND the FS enabled!

    You DO have T-Mobile, right?

    See post #174 - 191. Let me know if you end up getting the XZP or XZ1. lol

    I will let you know if I get a chance to hit up Best Buy soon or not.
  8. aertus
    there was an article somewhere that said equating washed out display with color accuracy is false because you can make a color accurate display and with more saturation. The iphone X does have a very color accurate white representation but looks washed out. ALso cuz its 1080p pentile amoled its true resolution is more like 720p which makes the sharpness really bad. It didnt look impressive despite being slightly brighter and more color accurate than the note 8
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  9. bencherian
    Hello guys. Just an off topic but kinda important to me.
    Have anyone of you used Zorloo Zuperdac ? And Ultrasone Naos dac ?

    If so kindly share your views please
  10. RockStar2005
    I've not used either or even heard of them TBH ben.
  11. RockStar2005
    aertus (and all),

    I was in the area where that one Best Buy is near me earlier today so I stopped in for 5-10 minutes to check out the XZP again. This time, I took a few minutes to pull up a 4K (and I think HDR too?) video that Sony themselves had posted on YouTube in order to test the 4K HDR awesomeness of the XZP's screen. After about 2 minutes of watching this video, I can say w/o a doubt that anyone who says that 2K or 4K don't matter on a smartphone screen couldn't be more wrong. The shots displayed in this video were nothing short of BREATHTAKING! Many of the shots looked so real to me that it felt like I was looking at them in person through a glass at the scene vs. on a smartphone! The XZP is a f'ing INCREDIBLE phone, and now with the new discovery that with a little work, we can now enable not only VoLTE & Wi-Fi Calling, but the FS too, means this really is a phone worth getting! Now, the LG V30 that I have still has a better battery life and stronger amp (not sure if the DAC is necessarily any better, but it might be too since there are 4 of them vs. the XZP's one ((or two??))). This means you will prob need to buy a portable amp as well to use with the XZP like the FiiO A3 or A5. Plus the V30 has the 18:9 body design which I really like more now. But these are probably more minor issues than major ones.

    Regarding the XZ1 aertus, they DID NOT have it on display there, nor did I see any mention of it anywhere near or at the Sony display there. However, their website DOES NOW sell the XZ1, and it appears that on the XZ1 pages on their site that the phone will be available for pick up on Friday November 24th! So I guess maybe I'll call my local ones sometime that weekend and see if they have it on display yet. If so, I'll try and check it out and report back here. I'm not sure though if the XDA people I linked above have a solid method of yielding VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling, and enabling the FS on the XZ1 as of yet though, but feel free to go on there and research it if you want. One main advantage the XZ1 has over the XZP is better battery life (regardless of the smaller battery), but you get maxed out at 1080p. So if you don't care much for videos and pics, then go for the XZ1. But if you spend a lot of time on that stuff, then the XZP is better, and also cheaper as it's a few mos older now than the newer XZ1 which only came out a month or so ago I believe.
  12. aertus
    xz1 might not be on display yet.

    the thing is only HTC, and NOKia and others have true 2k resolution panels that are using LCD. Samsungs 2k panel isn't really the same as those because of the terrible technology that is pentile display which in fact makes it equivalent to a 1080 LCD panel from sony. Thats why apples display isn't that impressive with full HD pentile it looks kind of fuzzy cuz its 720p in reality despite being very color accurate as per usual from apple.


    JDI will be licensing this technology so its a single layer EML making it cheaper production on top of inkjet printing. This on top of Sony's super emission top technology not only will this be cheaper than samsungs oled but also more effecient. This is why JDI is taking so long to come out with OLED they are waiting to perfect it. When this comes out its either going to be on par with samsung quality or even surpass it.

    samsung might not even stand a chance soon
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  13. RockStar2005
    Well not might, it's just NOT on display yet. lol But my guess is within the next few weeks it will be. That's why I will check back at that Best Buy again prob the weekend of Thanksgiving or around then.

    So any thoughts about getting either the XZP or XZ1 given this new info?

    One thing I should note is that Phone Arena and GSM Arena seem to have conflicting data regarding the battery life of the XZP vs. XZ1 vs. the LG V30. This is probably b/c both sites have different ways of rating battery life. GSM Arena leaves the phone on for like a day and only uses it for a few hours, while Phone Arena does this: "We measure battery life by running a custom web-script, designed to replicate the power consumption of typical real-life usage. All devices that go through the test have their displays set at 200-nit brightness." Both say that the V30 has the best battery life, but disagree on the XZP's vs. the XZ1's. GSM says the XZ1 has the better battery life, while Phone Arena says the XZP's is superior. So I guess if you don't make the screen too bright and turn off unnecessary stuff like BT, NFC, keep Location on "Battery Saving" when not using GPS, and turn off Wi-Fi when you don't need it, either Xperia phone will prob go for a LONG time!

    One thing I just realized though..............since Sony did not certify VoLTE with T-Mobile on the XZP, I'm wondering if you can actually use it on their network still? I'm thinking no now, so aertus I guess I wouldn't blame you if you didn't wanna get it. But for people who have other GSM carriers like AT&T, it should still be fine. The XZ1 is SUPPOSED to be certified, but even on that one I'm not sure. Sony made this really confusing when ONCE AGAIN they didn't have to.

    That's all very cool! Yeah I hope JDI gets done perfecting the OLED screens soon so Sony can start using them on their 2018 flagship Xperia phones.
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  14. bencherian
    Have anyone tried using fiio q1mark 2 ? I have seen it pairs well with Meze 99 Neo
  15. RockStar2005
    Hi Ben,

    No I have not. I have used TWO FiiO portable amps (not amp/DACs) in the past though, and I definitely think pretty highly of them. Those were the $30 FiiO E6 and later the even better $60 E11k (which later got renamed to the A3). I kept the E11K for a while as the E6 didn't give me quite the power and sound I wanted, but eventually I went on to better devices.

    The Q1 Mark 2 appear to be a DAC/amp though for about $100. Honestly, I think you're better off just getting the even better rated AudioQuest DragonFly Black, which is $5 cheaper. Or, if you're willing to spend another $100, then I'd HIGHLY suggest the Red. They are both highly rated and much more portable than the Q1 is. That's my advice, but up to you.

    Note: IF you do get the Black or Red, let me know ASAP what brand and model smartphone you have as I will need to let you know which cable adapter to buy to connect it to the either of those devices.
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