Sony/B&W/HTC/AKG/Sennheiser/MISC Thread

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  1. RockStar2005
    Yeah it is the first. I wish ALL had detachable cables too.

    That's cool. They look nice too. My sister wanted earphones for her b'day a few mos ago, but didn't want anything too pricey, so I ended up getting her these Sony IEMs, which she said she really likes. Got her a 3 or 4 year warranty as well. The color is cool on them also.

    Yeah I saw that article earlier or yesterday on my Flipboard app. It's nice to see Sony get praise (along with HTC & LG), although tbh, I don't think Sony really "emphasizes" high-quality DACs as they do "Hi-Res", which I kinda hate b/c they way they market it is the way others do and it's total BS. The idea that it sounds better just only b/c of the higher resolution annoys me b/c it's not true, as I've proven to you many times. LG and HTC however DO emphasize their DACs, which I like. Sony if anything seems to wanna keep that sh*t a secret. lol Try to find the DAC info on ANY of their phones from the last couple years............good luck! lol Overall I did like the article though. Hopefully with the V30 LG can succeed where HTC failed in terms of phone SALES. If it sells well, then I think we'll see more and more attention put on audio quality by other manufacturers too. The sooner the better.

    I put more stock in what we found out earlier from that guy in the XZP thread who said the AHO on the XPZ being enabled is what put it over the edge. So WITH AHO enabled, I would prob put the XZP and XZ1 up with the U11 (or 10? Still not sure which one is better on sound) and the V30.
  2. bencherian

    i think you can do it. Am using G6 so our ui maybe nearly same :). In the settings menu tap on the 3 dots seen above right of page and select LIST view.
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  3. bencherian
    well well well the thread was meant for audio equalizer and it goes on mobile though. just kidding. .
    well sony got great ui optimisation thats why they stay on low ram and battery specs. its not always about the ram right? its about how the ui utilises the ram and is optimised.
    i have used across various android fones and needledd to say my xperia ion made those samsung flagship users jealous of that year.
    next ui is of huawei/honor is by far is the best i have used. though audio is a crap of it.
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  4. aertus
    i heard the software is crap on huawei phones.

    sony i think has allmost perfected software. THe battery im still mad about because despite the amazing optimizations it would have been even more amazing had they put a comparable battery size to the competition. Its probably the smoothest, fastest, and quickest to update but they make some dumb moves that makes me mad and not want to buy their phones too.
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  5. bencherian
    Haha dude. The os layout was not everyone's cup of tea. I forgot to mention that. But they changed it with emui 5.0 and upcoming 8.0
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  6. RockStar2005
    Ahh yes.............much better! I should've thought of that!! But anyway, thanks bench!
  7. bencherian
    Am Ben by the way... Ben Cherian
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  8. RockStar2005
    Well when I started this thread as you can see by the title, it was meant to kinda be open-ended. lol

    Yeah...........compared to Samsung's OVERRATED phones, even when they have more RAM, b/c of their lousy TouchWiz UI, they still lag even with the extra RAM vs. Sony's phones. Yes bench, it's NOT ALWAYS about the RAM. lol

    Yeah Samsung had Sony beat on cameras until the Z5 when they were then considered equal. But by the time my former X Performance came out last year in the summer, when comparing it to the S7's camera, the Sony had it beat, as demonstrated here.

    Yeah Honor phones are great but def not on audio. I almost got one for my dad but ended up with the OnePlus 5 which is currently the #1 global phone in the world.
  9. RockStar2005
    Ahhh ok lol
  10. RockStar2005
    EXACTLY (on Sony). lol
  11. bencherian
    But Oneplus 5. How is Its audio ? Oneplus 3 i had previously had almost flat sound
  12. aertus
    adding B&O h3 to my list on top of the meze 11 neo. which look cool as hell. now im interested in this meze company even more.
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  13. InfyAsiX
    Checked out the Sony MH-1C? As stock it's beyond it's value for cost. With a few basic mods it apparently rivals top quality. Speaking of durability, I wear it for cycling outdoors and am pretty rough with it, pulling on and hanging the longer right side J-cord over my shoulder. I've broken a couple of pairs over a couple of years but that's impressive for the abuse. One reason why I keep buying them and have spares! A couple of other basic IEMs only lasted a month or two under the abuse.

    I can give my short impression of it if you'd like.
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  14. aertus
    new htc u11 plus looks awesome. Wow that screen looks amazing i wonder if its supplied by JDI
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  15. RockStar2005
    Yeah. I like the backside look too.

    Has JDI actually made any screens for any phones I would know of as of yet?
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