Sony 1000x mark ii - huzzah!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by CoffeeCutie, Sep 3, 2017.
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  1. CoffeeCutie
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  2. JoePR31
    My biggest gripe with the 1st gen was the terrible plastic creaking sound that would develop within a week of ownership. I bought and returned the 1000X twice just because of this. Most poeple hear it every time you make any jaw movement while wearing them. If they've fixed this for the 1000XM2, it will be a must buy for me.

    The only bluetooth headphone that sounds better than the 1000X for under $900 is the B&W P7 Wireless, and the 1000X is more comfortable, has longer battery life, and has best in class noise cancellation.
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  3. JoePR31
    If you do a Google search for Sony 1000XM2, you'll find plenty of info out there...including full reviews

    Seems like a good evolution of the 1st gen, but I won't buy until others can confirm whether the plastic creaking sound has been tamed.
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  4. CoffeeCutie
    Thanks for the link!

    "Sony claims that a change in the materials used for the headband and ear enclosures has..."

    "The headband and earpad cushioning carry across from the old model..."

    These two sentences don't really help us for creaking, we'll need to wait and see! :)
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  5. Tubakien
    Hopefully the new materials address that issue. Everything else, besides the seemingly prevalent headband cracking issue, were great about the 1000xM1 from my testing. I ultimately decided to not keep them since I don't often work in noisy environments or take buses or airplanes, but the ANC is impressively good for removing low, continuous noises (ex. A/C) as well as voices.
  6. buyukbang
  7. w45inus
    How different are these compared to the older gen?
  8. Tubakien
    This post on /r/headphones lists most of the differences between the 1st and 2nd gen. From what it looks like, the updates are mostly regarding ANC and additional features.
  9. richpjr
    II see these have hit the streets - anyone have any feedback on the new version?
  10. HolyGeesus
    I picked up a set a couple of weeks ago in the US and couldn't be happier with them. Sound-wise, they are not a massive improvement on the previous generation, but do sound a little more refined, and for relatively cheap headphones, I'm quite impressed with the bass response. They are controlled at even modest volume and the highs are actually refined, yet offer a bit of energy too. I would sum them up as just more confident than the previous version. Noise cancelling is as good as before - they are an absolute boon on an airplane. The sound cancelling seems to adjust to your environment now - they are less aggressive when there is only slight ambient sound around you. One thing I like is that using them with noise cancelling enabled doesn't impact on the sound quality at all.

    Now onto the more controversial aspect of the previous gen. Firstly build - at first glance they *look* the same, but the headband feels different to me. Slightly different material, and the cups are definitely made of different material, so those claiming they are identical just looking at pictures of them, are wrong. I am confident that they will last for a good while, and they feel well built in the hand *however* I still wouldn't be confident storing them in a travel-case, as it looks like it would stress them unnecessarily - why Sony insist on selling them boxed inside this case is beyond me.

    As to creaking noise - with my glasses on, if I wiggle my head, either by moving my nose, or chewing etc, I get like a squelching from the left can - I think it is where the material rubs on my glasses. Quite why this happens on one side is beyond me, but I might just have an odd shaped head, or don't have them quite flush on my head. You *cannot* hear this when music is being fed through them though, so it is not a deal-breaker for me. Also taking off my glasses completely removes this issue and they sit silently on my head at all times, and with all facial features wiggling away.

    I've noticed the Sony app so can't comment on that aspect. For me though, the biggest improvement is battery life. Doubling it is some achievement, and given the fact they are the same price over here (when they launch) they are a no-brainer if you like the originals. Not convinced though that they are worth upgrading if happy with the previous generation, but they are certainly an improvement in every way. Bluetooth performance is also flawless (not had a single drop-out in all the hours I've been using them, though you *do* have to disconnect from one source before they will connect with another). I couldn't be happier with them though.
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  11. Hamletian
    it will be interesting to see if company did change the materials and structure of the headband. I was just about to buy the previous model when a lot of comments appeared on various forums and websites about the cracking headbands.

    HolyGeesus - what led you to buy those? What particular factors were those that convinced you?
  12. HolyGeesus
    I wanted a pair *specifically* for noise cancelling. I have high end phones for other uses, and I do some studio work so have specific headphones for that too, but travel a lot and hence that was my primary concern - IMO these isolate noise slightly better than the competing Bose. This may differ though depending on ear-size etc, as the Bose certainly offer larger cans, so completely surround the ear, whereas, these tend to be more on-ear, although I only have small-ish ears. Audio quality was my next concern, and again, to my ears, these sound slightly better than the Bose, but this may be a subjective thing - I have to be honest I spent a good hour at Best Buy switching between the Bose and the Sony (demoing my own compressed audio [Spotify]) and although it was close, I preferred the Sony in the end - they just had a slightly wider soundscape to my ears, and better separation of detail, and coped with bass a little more efficiently. The sound is just better balanced - I found the Bose slightly overblown if I'm honest, with the bass sometimes drowning out other frequencies.

    The little touches on the Sony too - I like cupping the ear to cancel noise reduction, and lower the volume, so you can hear announcements or talk to the person next to you without removing the headphones etc etc. and also the touchpad on the right headphone really works well.

    The one thing I don't like, is you have to either have the headphone cable attached, if you want to use noise-cancelling alone i.e. have no music playing just mute the outside world, or have them paired to a bluetooth source and pause the music. Otherwise they turn off after a while. There may be a way to cancel this but I can't figure it out.

    Anyway, I'm really impressed with them. Obviously I can't speak to long-term and the possibility of cracking of the headband, but I can't see Sony ignoring this fault from the previous version, and as I say, they do feel different to me. Slightly denser plastic I think?
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  13. posedown
    I use a 3.5mm Plug (Dummy) to insert to the Headphones.
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  14. HolyGeesus
    Yeah thanks, I've seen this mentioned before. There is one that slits completely flush so nothing is sticking out. I can't find them anywhere though.
  15. LajostheHun
    According to Jude this now has Aptx HD along with LDAC .
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