Sony 1000x mark ii - huzzah!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by CoffeeCutie, Sep 3, 2017.
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  1. HolyGeesus
    From the manual

  2. damex
    how are they sound wise while connected over wire?
    is balanced connection available over wire?
    is there a specifications for them? like ohms/snr...
  3. HolyGeesus
    Slightly (slightly) better quality when wired. You can use them powered or passive with wire too, but obviously lose the noise cancelling. Balanced connection? Specs? I don't think they are really aimed at that market tbh. They aren't audiophile quality really. They are like £300 noise cancelling bluetooth headphones, so really it's worth conserving expectations a little. The manual says

    Edit - the cable does appear regular so in my limited understanding, I guess you could use a modified cable with them?
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  4. G-E
    I've been using these phones almost daily for about a month now, while traveling to work and in the office, and also sometimes at home while doing chores. My remarks:
    • Build quality seems great, the used materials feel premium, no cracks or squeeks so far. Battery life is awesome.
    • The wireless connection works flawless, didn't have any dropouts, even when moving trough my apartment, with walls (concrete) between the phones and the transmitting device.
    • Comfort is okish, it's not great and sometimes it takes a bit of wiggling before they sit comfy, but it's no issue to have them on for longer periods at a time. But don't expect these to 'disappear', you will feel them on your head, and also while walking they wobble a bit.
    • Noise cancelling works great, it cancells most of bus/train motor noises very effectively, and also brings a lot of peace in the office. I like it very much!
    • There is a little soundbleed, but in a noisy office envoirement it can't be heared by people near me when the volume is very high, so no problem in daily use.
    • Sound quality over blutooth (aptx) is pretty decent, I find it's an enjoyable listen! However, don't expect high end SQ, it can sound a bit veiled and colored at times if you listen with a critical ear, upper bass is a little bumped, soundstage isn't very expansive, not much low level details. The bass is solid and punchy, although a little bit strong for my taste. The overall sound is very nice, full sounding, and enjoyable. But audiophiles will no doubt find things to comment on. Compared to my homerig (~3k$ set) these phones bite the dust, but this is no fair comparison. Compared to my previous mobile kit (fiio X3II and senns IE80) I prefer the SQ of these sony phones, a much bigger and fuller sound.
    • One negative that I found that I hope get fixed with an update, is that when you use the equaliser (via sony app) the connection switches back from aptX to SBC. Don't have any device with aptX HD but expect the same happens there.
    I'm very happy with these phones, noise cancelling is awesome, my commuting and office life got more enjoyable with these headphones on :)
  5. G-E
    Btw, in the store I bought these the sony was on demo, as well as the Bose 35. The Bose sounded thin and tinny compared to the sony's, the Sony was much warmer, fuller and enjoyable sounding, so no competition in the SQ department (although I don't know what quality signal the phones were fed, this could be a factor why the Bose sounded so bad compared to Sony). As for noise cancelling, they both did a good job but I thought the Sony's did a little bit better, but they were close.
  6. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Funny, I find the QC35s open and more airy and these thicker and slower. :p Seriously both are great headphones!
  7. damex
    > You can use them powered or passive with wire too, but obviously lose the noise cancelling.
    so if we use a wired connection - we lose noise cancelling feature? is that true?
  8. HolyGeesus
    You can use them with the wire connected either with power-on or power-off. You lose the noise cancelling using them without power.
  9. R o d
    And if you just want to use noise cancellation without listening to music, is there any (or much) audible hiss?
  10. HolyGeesus
    Slight white noise.
  11. G-E
    There is an audible hiss, I would describe it more as white noise than a hiss. It's very soft, and kind of calming actually (reminds me of the sound of waves at the ocean), not an annoying/disturbing sound.
  12. lawonga
    I have a pair. No hinge problems or cracks yet. Grabbed a pair for $421 Canadian Dollars, no tax from Tokyo. Here are some notes... hope it helps someone with their buying decision:

    - Background: Been wearing it since Wed, Oct 11. Today is Sunday, October 15. Already went on multiple international flights with it as well (!). I pretty much opened the box, charged it and started travelling. I've logged about 50 or so hours on this so far, and got the battery from full to low, and full to medium already (32 hours of non stop travel will get you here!).
    - Using the app and recalibrating on the plane (international pacific flight) it went down to 0.8 atm. I fell asleep after takeoff for one of the flights and was in the air when I decided to re-calibrate it. It made an audible difference.
    - On the plane the noise cancellation is VERY effective. I would say maybe even better than my customs.
    - Over my android phone, it is APTX HD. On the computer (checking with the app IIRC is APTX). Sound quality okay. Android 8 will let you use the higher quality codec, which is supposed to be better.
    - I actually prefer the sound of my current IEM's (reshelled westone 3's) - the wh1000xm2 has almost poor soundstage, with or without noise cancelling.
    - Off with cable (using dragonfly dac) is worse sound quality than it on.
    - On with cable (using dragonfly dac) and wearing it bluetooth only ... doesn't seem to make a difference (?) not sure if it's just my ears or that it automatically switches to the onboard dac when turned on.
    - White noise from noise cancellation may irritate you after a while. I have been listening to it half with noise cancellation on and half with not.
    - Macbook pro bluetooth sound is buggy sometimes (2017, High Sierra).
    - Because of its closed nature (I guess?) it gets warm after a while. Definitely not as comfortable as customs. Slightly heavy as well and definitely has clamping force.
    - I had a pair of MSR7 and HD25, currently have a pair of K701 and was auditioning the HD800s the night before (e-earphones in Tokyo). Had dragonfly dac on. HD800 > K701 > MSR7 > wh1000xm2 >> HD25 (imo). The wh1000xm2 is slightly bass heavy by my standards, and it could use some more details on the highs and as well as more soundstage. The bass heavy part is really up to debate however since I do like my K701 very much.
    - I actually got excited to use it in the two previous mornings however, simply because of NO CABLES! :)
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  13. lifeinabox
    Anyone upgrade from the M1? Curious as to the sound quality improvements, if any.

    Also, can we alter the topic. Seems like an after thought and gets lost in the shuffle of all the other threads in the forum.
  14. amanita
    Got these yesterday, and very largely disappointed. Sound quality is horrible. No mids, no highs, everything is muffled. Too much poor quality bass to my taste. I was not able to improve sound with equaliser. Soundstage is terrible. I listen to mainly instrumental music (modern and classic jazz, etc.) and these headphones are not good for it. Tried with both ANC on and off, and with cable. There is no much difference in SQ. ANC is good, tried at work, but cabin pressure is noticeable, and also some white noise, but it disappears when music is on. I have a pair of Senns Momenums over-ear v2 at work and HD650 with dedicated Burson amp at home. Momentums are just soooo much better in all respects - soundstage, separation, clarity, mids/highs. Even listening for white noise-like tracks (tropical forest, thunderstorm) is very poor on Sony. I tried both loseless tracks and premium quality spotify on macbook pro and iMac; and premium quality spotify on Note 8. Codecs were aptX everywhere. Comfort is ok, but build looks flimsy comparing to tank-build of Momentums. I hope I can return them back to store... Very disappointed...

    Can anybody suggest some good quality over-ear bluetooth without ANC, which can nearly match my Momentums? I do not really want another pair of Momentums, so wireless version is out of question. There are troubles with B&W PX and they are not sold here, so I do not want to take a risk with ordering from overseas.
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  15. jasonb
    I just got these to use with my new iPhone 8 plus. So far I’m liking them a lot. With the headphones app on the App Store the user adjustable EQ lets me dial them in to sound however I want them to sound. I have them set to sound somewhat neutral, but still fun for on the go. Bass is set at 0 to -2 depending on my mood, and I have the mids boosted a hair, and the top end boosted a fair amount. The noise canceling is sweet, and comfort is great as well.
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