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Sony 1000x mark ii - huzzah!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by CoffeeCutie, Sep 3, 2017.
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    Is there a way to pair the demo units in Best Buy with your own phone? As far as I can tell on MDR-1000x they disabled the pairing mode on the demos. It would help a lot to be able to listen to my own test tracks vs Sony’s obscure playlist.
  2. lawonga
    You have to hold the power button for a very long time... But if you they really disabled it, then I don't know
  3. HolyGeesus
    Make sure they are off *before* holding the power button down also, otherwise long-pressing power just turns the unit off.
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    Thanks, if pairing mode isn’t disabled on the XM2 it’ll help make my decision a lot easier. The #1 way to sell me on a headphone is to let me try it out with my own music (without any passthrough sound degradation like at Magnolia).
  5. bossnass15
    Just got them.
    Prefer the sound on aptx HD (from the default LDAC). I've set it to aptx HD on my phone (Pixel XL) but each time i pair the headphones back, it resets back to LDAC. Any way to permanently set it to aptx HD?
  6. XDT
    Does anyone know if the equaliser settings on the app stick with the headphones? I.e. if I set the equaliser with my phone and then use the headphone with the computer, will the settings transfer over?

    Secondly, are the equaliser settings independent of any music app? I ask because with the Sennheiser app, you have to play music through the app if you want the equaliser settings applied.

    Thanks in advance!
  7. gnawx777
    I am a WH-1000XM2 owner and I can testify to this too, and same with the OP only on the left ear cup. Perhaps it's because of the constant folding/unfolding? I tried to minimize storage in the case but sometimes it's inevitable. I did bump the right extender onto the train wall slightly just now when I fell asleep wearing them, but it's not like a hard bump or anything (no scratches or dings despite my best effort to scrutinize the headphones). If anyone found a "fix" it'll be great!
  8. G-E
    Yes, the settings are loaded into the headphones and will carry over to other devices. And no, the settings are not dependent of any app, it will apply to all sound played on the headphones :)
    However, I noticed that when enabling any equaliser settings that the transfer quality is turned to LDAC by default, while I had APTX enabled. Since I like APTX better, I don't/can't use the equaliser. Not sure if it's the same for APTX HD, but I expect it is.
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  9. G-E
    I had the same issue, drove me nuts! But I found a solution that fixes the issue 100% for me. When putting the headphones on, start the placement with the earcups too much to the front of your head, so that the back of the earpads rests on the middle/back of your ears. Then slide the earpads back, untill they only just slightly rest on the back your ears. For me this works because it prevents the earpad to rest on the outer plasticy part of my glasses 'legs' (not sure of the english word) which caused the squeeking, while still having a great seal on your head.

    Hope this works for you :)
  10. gnawx777
    Thanks! There's a bit of a difference though as my squeak/click comes only when I turn my head to left! Been trying to figure out the pressure point but haven't found it so far. Otherwise these are pretty darn amazing!
  11. jasonb
    Buy them, listen to them in the parking lot. If not happy, then return immediately. That was my plan, but I liked them right away.
  12. jasonb
    I've had these for 2 and a half weeks now and have been listening with them quite a bit. I am still liking them quite a bit. The noise cancelling is sweet and with the Sony headphones app to EQ them a bit I am really enjoying the sound. It's actually my first Bluetooth headphone and I've gotta say wireless is pretty sweet.
  13. gorman
    Just ordered them as a birthday gift from my wonderful life companion. She really is sweet, isn't she? :D
    Will report back once I tried them.
  14. gorman
    Sooo... with a rooted Nexus 6P I installed the necessary files to access aptX and aptX HD, in addition to LDAC which Android Oreo supports out of the box.
    I can switch at will between all the different codecs. I'm going to load up some 96/24 files, in order to check whether these advanced codecs make a difference (to me, at least).
  15. DangerMouseUK
    What quality are these streaming at on iPhone X? SBC? Anyone know the bitrate?

    The volume seems a bit on the low side on them through the iPhone - anyone else get that?

    Also a 2017 MBP can that stream at anything above aptX or SBC?

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