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Song library

Discussion in 'Music' started by gurutech, Jul 10, 2010.
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  1. desktophifi
    100Gb of music, in different formats...such as lossless, mp3...and some wav. Im trying to get more lossless though. 
  2. jack95
    About 4000 songs, all on my ipod Classic
  3. TheWuss
    4,973 albums
    69,612 songs
  4. Crowe09


    Thats insane wuss, how many hours of playback is that? 
  5. TheWuss


    *gets calculator out*
    it's 173 days...
    that's, uh, 4152 hours...  [​IMG]
  6. boclcown


  7. TheWuss
    or just bad.  [​IMG]
    i ripped my entire CD library to itunes.  *ahem* using itunes as the encoder, and at 160 kbps.
    it took me working a little each day for almost a year... 
    now, i'm into higher quality audio, i'm having to go back and re-rip everything i listen to regularly at 320 kbps.
    at least the 5,000 albums are my CDs, and i have access to them.
  8. boclcown
    I'm in the same boat as you - having to re-*rip* a lot of the albums that I have. I set the bar at 256 CBR or ~200 VBR. anything below I have been trying to replace with 320. 
    It takes time, but I'm about 70% there. 
  9. elogical

    I can definitely sympathize with this. A few years back, before I knew better, I spent an insane amount of time ripping nearly 1,000 albums using default itunes settings (128 kbps .m4a files). I'm trying to avoid this experience again in case I upgrade my equipment enough to tell the difference, so I've gone to flac now. Still don't have everything re-done, but I can definitely tell the difference. I probably owe most of the difference to better encoder and better settings (using EAC to rip).

  10. Calexico
    Most of my music is in 320kbps.  Some lower, some higher.
    10,291 songs and 87.85gb.
    I converted a bunch of my FLAC to 320kbps since I sort of stopped caring about lossless.
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