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On itunes, 5295 tracks, 16.4 days, 113.06 gb. Kept on my laptop's hard drive with another hard drive back up. That would be more, but I now listen to 95% of my music streamed off the internet.
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118,000 songs, 8,966 albums, 288 days of music.

I think we may have a "winner"

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12184 songs, 333GB, 37.7 days.  All in FLAC.
Not much compared to zumpp99, but I'll get there eventually.  LOL.  Just upgraded to a 1.5TB hard drive.  I'm glad storage is getting cheaper and cheaper.
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118,000 songs, 8,966 albums, 288 days of music.

Is it error-corrected and lossless?  If so, a clone of that HDD would be damn near priceless...
If you need an off-site place to store a backup I volunteer, PM me

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13,096 songs, 43 days, 14 hours, 11 mins and 36 secs of music...right at 106 gig.  Backed up on 1TB hd and also online via iDrive in case of extreme issues (ie - theft, fire, etc.)
Not 15,000 CDs worth, but friends tell me I have the biggest library THEY know of.  Kind of proud of it.
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~15,500 songs, something over 100 Gigs (I'm at work so I'm only estimating)
A couple months ago, my library was probably only 60-70% coded above 256kbps, but recently I have been... "reaquiring" my albums that are 192kbps and under. I drew the line at VBR that averages 200 kbps, but I may end up upgrading those as well if I find that it is making a difference with my equipment. My goal is a library that is 90%+ >256kbps.
Are all of your libraries tagged correctly with album art? Mine is

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Damn zumpp99, amazing collection there. How much is the storage requirement?
For myself it's 28,551 songs, 2170 albums, at a bit over 350gb. Mix of lossy and lossless. I've been a lover of music for a long time, but only recently got in to high end audio. I'm in the process of re-ripping/encoding/collecting about half my stuff that is pure mess of lossy junk.
Some of the challenges I face are things like bootlegs of a Pink Floyd concert that were recorded on cassette tape, and, uh, I don't own a cassette player anymore. I originally pulled it in at 128kb fraunhofer encoding (in, like, the 90s), so it sounds terrible. It might still sound terrible- I assume it was done with a recorder strapped to someone's chest at a concert.

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