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Somewhat disappointed by the HD 598's

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  1. mattslaughing
    I got them the other day, and the bass definitely had no impact. The bass is there, and well defined, but like I said it didn't have any punch, that's probably due to the open design, though I was expecting at least a decent amount of bass. The headphones will probably take a little while to burn in aswell, maybe as they get more use the bass will improve slightly, I'm not betting too much on this though. I'm not even a bass head either. The lack of bass is probably more overwhelming for me since I listen to a lot of trance. I heard about the lack of bass, but I didn't think it would be this lacking. As you've probably have heard everything else is pretty great about these, and they are great for gaming. Sort of regretting not getting the DT 990's, but then again they are $100 more, and I would need an amp with them most likely, which would cost even more. I'll probably need to get an amp regardless. 
    Is there any way for me to remedy the bass for the HD 598's, for example with an amp? Do any amps go well with these? I don't want to spend a whole lot of money on them either.
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Need a budget?
    What sources are the HD598s being plugged into?
  3. Averruncus
    Maybe you just need to let it burn in a bit. I used to hate my DT880 because of it's lack of bass, but now it's probably my most used headphone and I sometimes like it even more then my HE-500. You could also try getting amps with bass boosting functions (I only know of the headstage arrow but I'm sure there are plenty others) or another way is just to apply some EQ through your music player.
  4. mattslaughing
    Straight into my mobo basically. Budget around 60-120.
  5. mattslaughing

    Yeah that's what I guessed. The DT880's have great bass from what I've heard. Not really sure of what amps I should be looking at.
  6. Hapster
    You could simply get a fiio e07k or e17 in that range. Both can boost bass up to like 20db I think.
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Having music pumped thru the HD598 all night long, for a few nights, might help improve the audio quality.
  8. mattslaughing
    Thanks, I'm thinking of ordering the e07k today.

    I'll try it out. You said 'pumped' through them, so I'm guessing at a higher volume?
  9. RPGWiZaRD
    I remember HD598 as punching decently (more than I had expected of this kind of headphone) when testing it out in a store with a demo setup (don't know what). It's not bassheavy but it had a "solid" texture to it. Some headphone's bass response is loose and undefined but this was taut & punchy, just not much quantity (subbass).
  10. mattslaughing

    Well, I don't think I said it wasn't 'punchy', but it lucked impact. Actually, I did say it lacked punch, but not in the way you're talking about. You can hear the bass very well, but you can't really 'feel' any impact of it, its fairly light. If you've ever tried out some very bassy headphones, you know what I'm talking about. Although, I didn't expect anything incredibly bassy like this with the hd 598's. Hopefully the DAC I ordered should improve them.
  11. RPGWiZaRD

    You won't feel the impact of the bass until you move up to pure basshead headphones. I need like north of 10dB bass boost to start feeling it or you get a headphone amp like digiZoid ZO. :) It adds more "feel the bass" experience to even neutral headphones than bass monsters do without ZO.
  12. mattslaughing

    I just ordered a fiio e07k, will this be enough?
  13. Deterministic NL
    Probably be enough.  I have an E07K with an E09K and also use HD598.  Source is a Chromebook streaming Spotify and Pandora.  I personally think it's awesome especially with the lo pass switch on.  It thumps pretty good.  Disclaimer:  I'm not a bass monster.
  14. cheapous
    IMO You can't begin to judge a headphone such as the 598 without a proper source and amp.  Such headphones are not meant to be plugged straight into your mobo.  :)  The difference between an outboard DAC/AMP (I've tried a couple) doesn't even compare to my onboard audio, or even from a internal dedicated soundcard.  At this point, you're not experiencing nearly what the headphone is capable of!
    The E07K, as people have mentioned, might do the trick, but I've have bad luck with 2 FiiO products already (E10 DAC/AMP, D07 DAC) so I can't recommend them.  Their QA seems rather shoddy.
    You might consider the NuForce uDAC-3 or the Audioengine D1 I keep hearing so much about.
  15. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I usually try burning in headphone with the volume set a little higher then what I would normally listen to.
    There is no scientific proof that burning in headphone helps, some of use just have "faith" in burning in headphones.
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