Some suggestions for FiiO.
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Nov 6, 2010
Within the last three days, I have received a FiiO X3 and an E12.  Neither of these units work.  The X3 does not recognize the MicroSD card, either for the purposes of updating the firmware or for reading music on the card.  (I know that perform the FW update, the card must be blank, other than the firmware update, and it was.) The card was formatted FAT32 before the firmware software was added to the card.  The card containing the music showed up blank when browsing using the X3.
The E12 has been plugged in for over twenty-four hours and is still not charged, at least the light red light is still on.
Here come the suggestions:
Provide some documentation with the E12 so the buyer knows how long charging takes and how people can know the item is full charged.
Get a toll-free number so customers can get telephone support without having to pay to call China.
I have emailed ViiO regarding the problems I am having but have received no response.
As it is, I have spent in excess of $300 for two items I cannot use and have no way of getting support from FiiO, short of calling China on my dime.  My only choice seems to be to return the items for a refund and I wish that were not the case.  I'm sure those that have functioning hardware and software,  are enjoying great music.

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