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Discussion in 'ALO Audio Premier Sponsor Forum' started by kb, May 29, 2011.
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  1. citro


    I'm also interested in this, as I also have an iMod and would consider putting the SSD and new batteries on, if it was something we could do ourselves.


    Baird GoW, why not Apple Lossless? It's what I play in mine.
  2. audionewbi
    Beside the new SSD addition and the battery how does this compare to the old iMod?
  3. skoog5600
    Any reviews on this? I am considering this paired with the MK or go with the MK/Solo with an un-modded iPod.
    Any major differences in sound. I know with the MK, Solo and ipod it is a little less portable.
  4. Baird GoW

    I have many GB of music... I DO NOT want to have to use double the space on my hard drives...
  5. Bojamijams


    Just Rockbox it.  Just because they don't recommend it (support it) doesn't mean you can't do it.
  6. n4ru
  7. Baird GoW

    That's what I'm guessing but I wish ALO would confirm it won't damage it... if they don't the just lost a Imod sale.
  8. Vinnie R.

    Rockbox will not damage anything [correct, the iMod modification is only hardware-related], but from experience, it tends to cause battery life issues and has other
    bugs that make it more troublesome than using iTunes.  
    But Rockbox supports flac...
    Best regards,
  9. citro
    Hi Vinnie,
    What about the "old" iMod owners, are the battery and disc drive easy to change?
  10. Vinnie R.

    Hi Citro,
    You need to have a 5.5g iMod (the one with the 64MB RAM, not the 32MB).  And the thinner rear case (the 30GB rear case).
    Also - Ken just sent me a 256GB SSD!  Its just as thin as the 128GB SSD!  
    Long live the iMod!
  11. citro
    Thanks, Vinnie, I think mine does meet those requirements. It's a 5.5G one.
    Could you give us a rough guide on how to change it?
    Something along these lines...
    - Replace battery "x" with battery "y"
    - Buy 256GB SSD Model "z"
    - etc... 
  12. Freeze
    i dont know if there is anything epcial to do just unhook the hdd and plug in the ssd and ur done im hoping thats all it is.
    If I bought the ssd and sent it in with the ipod 5.5g you can do the imod and hdd installation maybe a fresh battery too?
  13. Freeze
    well i dunno i've been askin RWA and ALO about how this upgrade is performed but i dont think they want to give away the secrets to what they make money off of. I don't blame them.
    It cant be that hard, just plug the ribbon into the new hdd connect the ipod to ur computer and install the software. It's a lot of money to spend though when you aren't sure if you are doing it right.
    I'll still pay for the imod and the cable and im sure many others will if you tell the hdd installation steps for these drives.
  14. audiogamma
    Those SuperTalent drives are only $260 at Amazon for qty. 1.... thanks but no thanks ALO.
  15. Freeze
    200 on ebay
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