So that is why Vinyl was invented....finally understood the hype.
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Mar 8, 2008
I have been dazzled by the brilliant sound of my digital players, but I have to say that I haven't heard much richness of the sonic palette in them.

We are lucky to live in today's audio world, though. I like listening to my iPod, CD player, and turntable. They all have their limitations. If I had to choose one it would be vinyl, but don't have to make that decision. When I get tired of them, I get to switch formats.
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Sep 25, 2005
This thread has been a very good read for me and I hope also for others.

I am getting into vinyl for the right reasons I hope, not for the debate of which format is inherently better.

It should be added that the vinyl collection has doubled since that pic.

For reference, if you want to know what AWEFUL sound is... an old "Digital" LP. I unfortunately bought one for $2 not realizing that it is hell on plastic. Literally sounds like the soundtrack to an early Gameboy/Nintendo/SNES/Sega game. That is the LP I am using to calibrate my table, it can be the one which gets scratched to hell and can rest there in the underworld...

As far as ease goes, most of my listening is through my Auzen->Modded Zhaolu setup for ease. Despite of owning a computer that has the CD audio output directly to the Auzen, I own a separate CD player. While the computer card has the edge as far as detail (capable of outputting at 192hz), I prefer to listen to the CD format out of the Marantz because it offers a sweeter, more relaxing sound. LP holds a special place as being the format for vintage recordings. I really like Classical music, Indie Rock, Classic rock, Acoustic, and Jazz...all of which are good to pick up on vinyl. These original recordings are my favorite regardless of the format. Get as close as you can to the real thing, no matter the flaws or the format.

At the recent meet in Chicago, people got really excited about the AudioQuest dry brush ($15-20) even with all of the other prizes. A question that the CD proponents should be asking themselves is why there would be so many vinyl enthusiasts when it is so bad in their eyes.

As far as headphones go, I have found that actual;y the faster the speed and more detailed the headphone, the less you notice the pops and crackles. Maybe it has to do with the speed at which they are presented that it never gets stuck in the music interrupting things.

In conclusion, the format means nothing and a good recording is just a good recording. Re-Mastering in general (the stuff you pick up at Wal-mart or Target) just sucks. Plus a good remastering of an LP to CD is going to cost $40-$50 so why not get the LP original for $10 or less? Would I buy a brand new album on LP? Probably not, just because they are made to be done on CD (certain Jazz albums barred from this). The real battle field is one that we can all fight on. THE WAR ON COMPRESSION, ALTERING, and the LOUDNESS OF MODERN CD's.

Now, let us fight on the side of right!

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