Singlepower's Colorado Summer Meet - 7.26.08
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Apr 12, 2004
Meet impressions thread here:

[size=small]LOCATION[/size]: Magenta Room in Doubletree Hotel Denver Tech @ 7801 East Orchard Road in Greenwood Village (sorry, won't be on a Singlepower site as previously mentioned)
[size=small]DATE[/size]: Saturday, July 26, 2008
[size=small]TIME[/size]: starts @ 10 AM, to run as long as there are attendees

[size=small]COST[/size]: free, Singlepower Audio would probably appreciate donations though
[size=small]POWER[/size]: main-line power strips and cords will be supplied, please bring enough power equipment for your own system though.
[size=small]FOOD/DRINKS[/size]: lunch will be catered in, I will supply extra drinks if necessary

Also: I can provide a car ride to/from DIA depending on flight time(s) for anyone flying in from out-of-state.

Sign up by leaving a post in this thread or via PM. I'd like to encourage all Colorado Head-Fiers to sign up, whether or not you have equipment to bring. The more the better!
  • Blutarsky
  • boehler
  • craiglester
  • dcstep
  • donovansmith
  • ericj
  • fderry
  • Gil Schwartzman (maybe)
  • Golden Ears
  • greenman9
  • HeadphoneAddict
  • jagathon (maybe)
  • lime
  • loddie
  • Luminette
  • mlarn
  • ncmando
  • nine
  • NoiseGUI
  • raffy
  • Sherwood
  • tako_tsubo (maybe)
  • ujiko
  • Vladco (maybe)
  • wiatrob
  • Wmcmanus (maybe)

[size=small]EQUIPMENT LIST[/size]:

- AKG K240 Sextett middle-production
- AKG K240-DF
- AKG K271 Studio w/ custom cable
- AKG K340
- AKG K701
- AKG K701 w/ ALO re-cable
- AKG K701 w/ Moon Audio Black Dragon
- AKG K701 w/ SAA Equinox
- Alessandro MS-1
- Audio-Technica ATH-AD900 w/ W1000 pads
- Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000 w/ APS V3
- Audio-Technica ATH-W2002
- Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 w/ APS V3
- Beyerdynamic 2005 DT880
- Beyerdynamic DT880-S
- DarthBeyer V3 w/ BlackGold
- Denon AH-D2000 APS V2-recabled
- Denon AH-D5000 w/ markl mods & 22G Jena Labs re-cable
- Fostex T20 (version 2)
- Fostex T40
- Grado HF-1 ALO modded
- Grado HP1
- Grado HP2
- Grado iGrado
- Grado PS-1
- Grado SR225
- KOSS A250
- Sennheiser HD580
- Sennheiser HD650
- Sennheiser HE60/HEV70
- Stax Lambda Pro Headphile-modded
- Stax Omega II MKII
- Stax SR-X Mk3
- Stax SR-30
- Stax SR-80
- Ultrasone Edition 9 (2)
- Ultrasone Edition 9 w/ APureSound V3
- Ultrasone HFI780 ALO-recabled (2)
- Yamaha YH-1, YH-2, YH-3, YH-100

- CIAudio VHP2/VAC1
- DIY Bijou Streamlined Futterman All-Tube OTL
- DIY Cavalli-Kan Kumisa III
- DIY SOHA v1 (perfboard DIY w/ GE gray-plate 5963 + LM4562)
- DIY SOHA w/ extra tubes
- Eddie Current Laconic EC-01 & EC/DC
- Eddie Current Zana Deux
- HeadAmp Pico (2)
- HeadRoom Balanced Desktop
- HeadStage Lyrix
- Heed Audio CanAmp
- iBasso D2
- RSA Predator (2)
- Meier Audio Corda Aria
- Meier Audio Corda HeadSix
- Melos SHA1 Gold
- Singlepower PPX3
- Stax SRD-7 + Rotel RA-820BX
- Triad Audio LISA III XP w/ LLP
- TTVJ Millett Hybrid Portable
- Woo Audio 6

- 5.5G iMod
- 5.5G iMod 80GB
- AlienDAC
- HeadRoom Micro DAC
- iAudio X5
- iBasso D1/MacBook
- iPod Touch 8GB
- MOTU UltraLite/MacBook
- Music Hall CD25.2
- Oppo DV-981HD
- Pioneer DV-58AV (Ric Schultz modded)
- Playback Designs MPS-5
- Plinius CD-101
- Stello DA100/MacBook Pro
- Tivoli Audio Model CD

Misc Stuff
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I am in

Huge thanks to ASR for turning this out and getting Singlepower to host! You are the man. I'm gonna bring $5 to donate, if anyone else is up for it, we could do a donation pooling for them.

As for equipment I'll be bringing-

v3(Closed) DarthBeyers w/ BlackGold cabling
TTVJ Millet Hybrid Portable
5.5g 80gb iMod

that list will be added on to a lot in the time between now and then
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I'm in too..

Not sure on the gear yet. Probably my MS-1s K340s and A/250s. Possibly my Squeezebox and a laptop server, and my Number cruncher and Headfive.
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I am in.

Equipment: Ultrasone Edition 9 and ALO re-cabled HFI780, Grado HP-2, Denon D2000 APS v2 cable, RSA Predator, iMod 5.5G, iBasso D1 with optical out Macbook/iRiver and Sony PCDP.

My arms will be full, so not sure about these - possibly a stock portable STAX SR-001 Mk2 and a SuperFatCat modded SR-001 Mk1 as comparison. Possibly some APS re-cabled woodied HF-1 and ALO SR-60 with the same mods, and maybe re-cabled RS-2 also.
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Hello folks,

I'm in too!

I will be bringing: (updated 7/16)
Phones - DB V3, Grado PS-1, HP1000/HP2, HP1000/HP-1 and ALO mod'd HF-1
Amps -Zana Deux and Melos SHA-Gold (if the Melos and HP1000/HP-1 arrive in time)
Source: MacBook Pro with Apogee Duet DAC (maybe Stello DA100 if folks are interested)

Looking forward to the meet!
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I may come in too. It’s depends on time and location.
I could bring in dynalo, M3, PPA2V2 and original PM. SOHA and pimeta are options also. All amps are desktops. I've got DT990.
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Hmm. Since a salt lake city head-fi meet would probably be me and two other guys, maybe I'll try to make it to this one.

And by 'make it' i mean drive my GTI up there with a trunkload of orthos and vintage AKG.

Edit: my friend in denver is now holding onto an absurdly cheap pair of ohm walsh 3 speakers for me, so i'm going to try Really Hard to make it out there. It's only about an 8 hour drive, right?

so, a list of stuff i would almost certainly bring:


Bijou (for sure)
CK2III (if there's interest)
SOHA (Perhaps. Synergizes well with 600-ohm AKG)
Mini3v2 (why would i leave home without it?)


Yamaha YH-100 (for sure)
Yamaha YH-3 (Very probably)
Yamaha YH-1 (if i figure out what's gone wrong with the right-side driver)
Realistic Pro 30 (dead serious. You won't believe what you could have bought at radioshack in 1982.)
AKG K145 (certainly)
AKG K240 Sextett MP (probably, unless a lot of sextetts are going to be there)
AKG K240-DF (not enough people know this can)
AKG K340 (that's right, the K340 i don't like so much. I'd like to A/B it with K340's that people say they love)
Fostex T20v2
Fostex T40v1 (perhaps)
Maior RPT-50 (if i get it back from wualta, and if i can fix it's slight crackle)
MB-Quart QP85 floats (Might be pointless at a noisy meet)
Beyerdynamic DT880-S Edition 1980 (for the historical curiosity, and maybe only if i can score some DT550 pads for it)

If we're getting close to the day, and you're going to be there, and you see a headphone in my profile that you would like to hear, feel free to ask me to bring it. But don't bug me about it until about a week before the meet, or i'll just forget.


I'm not much of a source collector. iRiver H120 will be in tow, and i can bring a reasonably decent denon cd player - the model number escapes me at the moment. Perhaps a laptop and an outboard DAC as well.


Wishywashy about this. If there is interest i can drag along some 'stats. Perhaps just my Sony ECR-500, and my Akai UC-W5 stereo power mini-amp to drive it's transformer box.

I could bring my Stax SR-X III but it doesn't pair well with the Akai, and the ECR-500 doesn't pair well with my Rotel integrated mini-amp. And i don't want to bring two power amps to drive two 'stats. if you really need to hear the SR-X III, and nobody else is bringing one (I'm looking at you, headphone addict), bug me about it in july.
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Originally Posted by ericj /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Hmm. Since a salt lake city head-fi meet would probably be me and two other guys, maybe I'll try to make it to this one.

And by 'make it' i mean drive my GTI up there with a trunkload of orthos and vintage AKG.

It is only an 8 hour drive
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I'll try to make it but I may not yet be back from Alaska by then. I need to be in Reno on June 12th and will head North after that. It's just that I've never been up that way and want to take my sweet time!
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Ok, it's on my calendar. I'll probably bring:
  1. Woo Audio WA6
  2. Pioneer Elite 58AV modded by Ric Schultz
  3. Oppo 981 stock
  4. AKG 701s
  5. Audio Technica W5000

If I can find some good disposable ear pieces, I'll bring the Ultimate Ears 10 Pros. Well, I'll bring them no matter so I can hear other amps (I think they're my best cans overall), but no one can listen unless I find a solution for tips.

I debating about bringing the Pro-ject RM10 turntable. That's a source that'll blow you away, but it's a pain to move and I'd have to watch over it like crazy. (A bent stylus is a $800 loss). Still, you guys might talk me into it if enough want to hear a very good vinyl rig.

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Ok so anyone have any interest in hearing a product from Ayre Acoustics, Grace Design, and/or PS Audio at this meet? I just found out Grace Design is based in Boulder! The more you know...
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It's on the calendar. I'd also be available on Friday to help set-up if needed.

As for equipment, I was going to bring my M^3, but it looks like we may already have 2-3 of them. I've also got a Mini^3 that I can bring. Beyond that, just have to see what I get built between now and then.


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