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Same thoughts here. Not an upgrade to the W4 IMO.

The low ends on the SE535 does not have enough impact nor depth compared to W4. Not saying that W4 is bassy, but SE535 loses out in low end to me.

Mids and vocals are great on W4. On the SE535, vocals are a tad more forward that's all. Separation, details and clarity ain't on par with W4.

Treble is way smoother on the W4.
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If you love your W4R then I'd recommend you stick with it. All of the $400 (to 500 range) IEMs (that I've tried) are on par with one another (with slight differences that appeal to personal preference rather than better or worse).
I compared a W4 and 535 side-by-side for a month. I can say that what the 535 offers is a more emoting mid center vocalist. I could not EQ the mid-vocalist range using software players (on Apple, Android, Sansa, or Cowon) to level the field with the W4, SM64, UE900 and others. I think It would take a more comprehensive EQ to achieve the mid vocal range emphasis of the 535 on other IEMs (that I've tried). But this 535 advantage is a slight thing that was more important to me because I had the 535  first (and for a long time). I am very accustom to its sound. On other IEMs lead vocalist tend to sound flat (and uninspired) even on otherwise superior (and more expensive) IEMs.
BTW, turning up the bass and treble to level the 535 with other IEMs is easy and it works well. I can't get it to do what the IE8 or 846 can do but its good for most songs (in my collection).

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