Shure SE530 Maintenance question
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Jul 21, 2010
I have a pair of Shure SE530's that are about a year old.  Today I noticed that the sound coming out of the left ear phone is about half what is coming out of the right ear phone.  I inspected it for wax build up or some sort of other blockage, but it seems to be clear and open.  I ran the cleaning tool through it regardless, thinking maybe there was something I was missing, but no change.  There is no obvious damage to the left earphone based on a thorough visual inspection.  Before I send these back to Shure for repair (still under warranty) does anyone have any other suggestions?   

Secondly, since my 530's aren't working right now anyway I was thinking of just getting a replacement pair of SE535's.  In anyone's experience, are the 535's noticeably better than the 530's?  I do like the changes to the cord design.  Thanks for any info you can share!
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Jul 16, 2010
There has been some comparisons made in the first impressions thread between the two.
Some have reported improved high's and trebble.  Fedex dropped mine off today-working at the moment-but I never used the se530's.  Shure also made a comment in the FAQ addressing the differences between the two.
Perhaps they would be willing to upgrade you to the 535's for no additional cost, who knows 
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