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Shure se215 vs. HiFiMAN RE-400 - The great debate

  1. Nooblit
    Hi all, i'm down to two different iem's, but having trouble which to pick. I'm looking for a sound similar to my ath-m50 cans. I've heard that the se215's are a bit on the bass heavy side, which might not be a terrible thing, but i'm concerned for the re400's build quality. Which one should i grab and why?
    Thanks and +rep to all who help.
  2. xkonfuzed
    The se215 have great bass with rolled off highs which will make them unfatiguing even if you listen to them for hours.

    I haven't heard the hifiman's but I heard they're very neutral.

    What types of music do you listen to?
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  3. Nooblit

    A little bit of everything, i suppose. It's why i want a more neutral sound, to get some versatility from my IEM's. I'm using those monoprice buds right now and they're just too tinny for my taste and they constantly fall out. I figure i might as well grab something around the same price as my m50's to get a comparable sound.
  4. lwien
    I was faced with the exact same decision about 3 weeks ago.   I went with the RE-400's and couldn't be happier. 
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  5. Nooblit

    How's the build quality? I know that a lot of older hifiman iem's have less than desirable build quality.
  6. lwien
    So far so good.  No problems.   The Shures are probable more durable, so if you are hard on your IEM's and just throw them in your backpack or stuff them in your pocket when not on your head, you may be better off with the Shures.   I was after sound quality and take pretty good care of my gear so I went with the RE-400's.
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  7. Nooblit

    Well i don't beat my stuff up too bad, so i don't think i'd have a problem either way, but at this point between the two i am able to get the 215's about 15 bucks cheaper with the july 4th sale they got going on, and then i'd be able to throw the 2 year pro coverage on top in case anything should ever happen. I doubt there will be any problems, but it's always nice.
    I'll go with the 215's. Perhaps sometime down the line i'll explore a bit more into the iem realm. Thanks all!
  8. papahommer
    I have got both SE215 and the RE-400, I kind of prefer the RE-400 more... The first thing I don't like about the SE215 is the cable, it so hard. The RE-400's cable is softer, feels easier to manage. Maybe partly is due to my job, I fly around a lot, I tends to fall asleep with the RE-400 on the plane, caused it's so light... But the sound of the SE215 is also pretty good, with the firm bass and so on... It's a tough call.

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