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Shure Announces Lightning Terminated IEM Cable @ CES 2017

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  1. jockewe
    That was what i am saying. Apple makes sure every dongle is made with the connector of Apples choice, the one that has the correct handshake. The other (cellrizon gang) will not function as they are not controlled, would they function it's likely they will be faulty later since they are not in the backward compability class when upgrades are made to firmware etc. It's complicated for a reason.
  2. New Yawker
    AAW Capri claims that their lightning/dac headphone cable can be updated with firmware. I assume the same holds true for the Shure LTG.
  3. djansia
    Hi and thanks for the encouraging impressions.
    I would like to use the cable with my latest generation Ipod Touch and I wanted to ask you if its amplification section is good enough compared to touch and if you notice a volume-level improvement. How well do you know the Ipods sold in Europe have (because of a stupid law) a limited output volume: does the Shure cable have a "powerful" amplifier in it? I would also use it with the my Sony XBA-H3 that need a little more volume than my Shure SE846 (for example).
    Greetings, Andrea.
  4. jockewe
    All i can contribute is that the volume is definately higher than from the original Apple dongle to the Shure original cable.
    I'm listening at perhaps 4 or 5 marks, before it was probably about 7-8
    I honestly thought that European iPods etc. where without the limitation i have read about, so i am clueless here.
    I use the cable solely with my iPhone7 so everything i write is purely based on that, on the phone it's an option to limit the volume which i have not tried...
    Will the Touch provide enough power for the MMCX-LTG? I have no idea.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2017
  5. New Yawker
    Hello Andrea. From my experience I find the volume is much higher when using the Shure 846/LTG combo with my iPhone 6s Pro (all USA models) than when using the 846s with the original cable. To illustrate relative perceived volume level, I use to listen at 70%. Now I listen at 40%. Joakim reports similarly.

    The Shure does not claim that the LTG cable has a built-in amp. All the power is drawn from the iDevice.
    You will notice a quicker depletion of battery power while using the LTG.

    The USA web site shows compatibility with iPod Touch 4th and 5th Generation. USA models have an option to limit the volume. Is it possible that the Euro models default to that setting but the limiter can be overridden?
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2017
  6. saintintn
    Anyone tried to compare the 846's on the rmce-ltg with a Dragonfly/mmcx cable setup? I've got the rmce-ltg on my 846's and sound is great with 7 plus. Had the mmcx setup with Dragonfly Red before. Curious to hear what others think.
  7. djansia
    Shure on his site (USA site) reports the full compatibility with "iPod touch (6th generation), iPod touch (5th generation)": http://www.shure.com/americas/products/accessories/earphones/earphone-headphone-cables/rmce-ltg
    No, the iPod Touch can not be modified in the firmware, so the volume limit for European models can not be eliminated. You can do it (with RockBox) only on Ipod Classic.
    Thanks for all the other precious informations, especially those that indicate a volume increase coming out from the lightning cable: It is an encouraging news :ksc75smile:
  8. RamGuy
    I'm having to return mine as the lightningconnector is really fishy. If I touch it my Shure SE846 will disconnect and my iPhone has started to report that my accessory is not supported and whatnot. My problem is.. These seems to stick to my Shure SE846 much harder compared to the original cable. I'm not even sure if it's possible to disconnect them without hurting the cable, or even the connectors on my SE846. I have already applied more force than I'm comfortable with and you can already spot noticeable marks on the cable itself...
  9. New Yawker
    Very interesting RamGuy. I “had to” replace my 2 1/2-year-old 846s after purchasing the LTG-cable. The original cable would not come out no matter how much force exerted. I then made the costly decision to take pliers to the MMCX connector cable-side since I didn’t care if the old cable got damaged. BIG mistake. The tip of the MMCX broke-off and got lodged inside the right-side 846. If I didn’t know better, I would have assumed the piece was soldered on!

    The 846s MMCX-Cable do have a reputation for difficult removal. I seem to recall reading somewhere (Shure’s web site?) that it requires 30 pounds of force to remove the cable from earphone. It was recommended that one use a piece of cloth on both the earphone and cable-connector to establish a strong grip. Of course, no pliers permitted!

    I have no idea the age of your 846s RamGuy but I have to say that the MMCX connection on my new pair are FAR easier to remove than on the old. In addition, the earphones rotate more freely than before. I suspect the extremely tight fit on the old pair somehow bent the connecting pin when inserting the phones in my ear canal and trying to rotate the cable to position it over my ears for daily use. My suspicion is that Shure modified the connector in more recent production batches.
  10. balcmeg
    So, did anyone get the chance to compare this with AAW Capri? Im tired of Apples Lightning adapter, and want the luxury of remote+mic flr my SE535 and SE846!

  11. jockewe
    No real reply, but i got reminded yesterday how difficult it actually is to compare these things when another person is involved.
    Every earcanal is so different and even if you choose the nozzle fitting best for sound in YOUR ear you will not hear the same thing.
    I had a friend over showing his HD800, comparing to my HD600 and i wanted to actually get him to appreciate just how good this ltg dongle with SE535 is, especially how great the space and bass works...
    He didn't get what i was talking about, in his ears there was NO bass and space on the SE535 compared to the HD800. He could weigh down on the earplugs, get the bass, but then the rest of the sound was really bad...

    For me the HD800 has a great soundstage with a fantastically well defined but not overpowering bass. (I would go for 800S if it has a smoother tweet)
    The HD600 in my setup HAS a smoother tweeter, voices/guitars/violins are just lovely but you cannot compare the soundstage to HD800 - different class!
    The SE535 with this ltg-dongle is right up there soundquality wise, i like it's timbre better than the HD800 but the staging is between the HD600 and HD800.

    My point is, the dongle works so great for me, obviously, so when i say it's so much quality for the money it's true for my ears and only hopefully for yours.
    I don't know about the Capri but i'm already happy with the change the dongle makes! Compared to the apple adapter it's an amazing difference.
  12. balcmeg
    Thank you jockewe!
    Just the kind of answer I was looking for. Knowing that you are satisfied enough with your Shure cable is answer enough to know that it is worth considering.

  13. jockewe
    I hope You share Your impressions if You go that way!
  14. djansia
    I bought the cable for 99 euros and in the end, after almost 40 days, I returned it to (fortunately) Amazon.
    The cable sounds good for me, the amplification in general (ipod touch 6g) is higher than that of the headphone output of the player and the sound is slightly more open, clear and really good.
    The overall construction quality is very good, the cable does not twist itself and if used properly (wrapped behind the ears) it is not even "noisy". It attaches itself to the headset and easily removes without any anxiety or fear to damage or blockage in the earbuds. The volume and skip command of the tracks works well and I have never had reader blocks or sound interruptions during listening.
    I returned it because there was something that really bothered me.
    Apart from an excessive (in my view) power consumption (the battery consumed really quickly, almost zero after nearly three hours of use), the cable is probably continually powered even if the player is not in play: just leaving it connected. This is very annoying, first because you have to constantly remember to disconnect it whenever you do not want to use it and also because the battery consumption seems to me really too much.
    If I think that plugged into USB to my Ifi Micro IDSD, my ipod plays for over ten hours, it's exaggerated the consumption (and the repeated recharges to be made) when paired with this cable.
    Have you had the same "problems" of excessive battery consumption, even when the cable is just plugged in and without the reader being in play?
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  15. New Yawker
    Absolutely yes djansia. I use the Shure cable with my 846s attached to an iPhone 6s Plus (or iPad Pro 9.7). The battery on both devices drains significantly faster than using the headphone jack. My experience has not been quite as dramatic as yours djansia, but very obvious and notable
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