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Shure Announces Lightning Terminated IEM Cable @ CES 2017

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  1. uoods
    Still confused about these, shouldn't the DAC be in the phone rather than the cable? Aren't the phones already using high quality dacs, previously for jacks as well, but still for the built in speakers?
  2. jockewe
    It's what makes you happy and satisfied that counts in these matters, seems you are happy!
    That said i am a lot more satisfied with the sound coming through my se535 with the DAC cable this thread is all about.
  3. RamGuy
    My cable is starting to have issues again with "Accessory is not supported" messages on the phone and abrupt disconnections/stops in playback. It seems to be the exact same issue as last time, as soon as I start touching or get some slight bends on the cable around the Lightning-plug it goes crazy on me. I got it replaced a while back because of the very same issue and since then I have barely used them as I tend to prefer using bluetooth headphones because its more convenient.

    I'm rather disappointed with this cable from Shure. The DAC seems nice, and the cable itself looks and feel nice and all but the production quality seems to be severely lacking as this contact-point between the lightning-port and the cable seems to be extremely weak? Looking at reviews on Amazon it seems like I'm not the only one having trouble with this. Its a real shame and almost hope I can get my money back or get it replaced with the bluetooth cable instead and see if that works better.
  4. jockewe
    About a year of use, almost every day infact with atleast 4 times pulling the cable out and put it in later.
    Not one problem in that time, i wonder if some phones actually have bad ltg connectors?
  5. elfary
    Now that's interesting. I'm holding back b/c of these stabiltity issues that have been reported here.
  6. jockewe
    Just saying, one year later and still not a single problem with this cable/dac...
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