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Shure Announces Lightning Terminated IEM Cable @ CES 2017

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  1. AxelCloris Administrator
    If you own an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and you don't care for Apple's tiny Lightning to 3.5mm dongle, you may be in luck. Shure has recently announced a new IEM cable that's been terminated with a Lightning connector for Apple's newest smartphones. The Remote + Mic Lightning Accessory Cable (RMCE-LTG) has its own premium in-line DAC/amp for use with any Apple device that has a Lightning port. While this is probably most appealing to iPhone 7 owners, it doesn't mean that owners of other Apple products are blocked from using it.
    The Remote + Mic cable connects to Shure's in-ears via their usual MMCX connector. While the cable is only listed as supporting Shure's in-ear models, I wouldn't be surprised to see it work for some other MMCX headphones as well.
    Shure has also announced a 3.5mm TRRS Remote + Mic Accessory Cable (RMCE) intended for use with Apple devices that have the conventional headphone jack. It features a 3-button remote/mic for playback and volume controls. Think of it as an updated version of Shure's current CBL-M+-K-EFS cable.
    The 3.5mm Remote + Mic cable will run $29 USD and starts shipping in February while the Lightning version is expected to be priced at $99 USD later in the spring.
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  2. XM4N
    The 3.5mm version looks like the one I got with my se215m+.  Great to see they released a lightning version for when I upgrade to the next iPhone.
    Really disappointed there's no Android cable option available, still. I know the standards differ between the handset manufacturers, but you might as well appeal to whatever configuration Samsung uses.
  4. SailorSam
    I doubt the dacs in these cables are that much better if not worse than the dacs in most popular android phones
  5. shurealltheway

    I don't think the point of these cables is to try and sound better. It's so you can use them without needing a stupid dongle or other medium to use with your jackless phones/tablets/etc.
  6. SailorSam
    right but as DDDYKI he's looking fro something similar for an android phone and I've never seen a jackless android phone so unless the dac is something higher end to beat what's inside the phone already I feel like it would be pretty much pointless
    Honestly, I just want something with a remote compatible with my Android phone. I want a low-profile IEM like Shure or Westone, but I also want a remote that lets me adjust what I need to without taking out my phone.
  8. shurealltheway

    I thought all the new Samsung phones were going jackless, too.
    The rumor is that the S8 is ditching the jack. I hope not. I really like my S7, especially with how flexible Samsung Pay is compared to Apple Pay and the standard Android Pay. I listen to 320k MP3s and it's mostly rock and metal CD rips. I don't think an audiophile DAC will really be much of a benefit (even as I listen to music on my PC through a Dragonfly 1.2 right now).
  10. colt1664
    If I may nitpick a little, the very first android phone had no 3.5 jack:

    That was todays useless piece of information :)
  11. colt1664
    There are DACS in cables? Isn't it just lightning outputting in analog?
  12. AxelCloris Administrator

    There are indeed DACs inside of Lighting headphone cables. Lightning is not capable of outputting an analog signal, only digital.
  13. MikeMALL
    Interested to hear some testing....As nice as the campfire cables are, I could use a mice for most days
  14. velcrothrash
    The lamentable loss of the 3.5mm jack is spurring some competition. I recently gambled on a purchase of the Capri by Advanced Acoustic Werkes MMCX lightning cable on indiegogo. A Westone rep told me last month they are working on their own IEM lightning cable. It will be interesting to hear how these cables with their little dsp/dac perform head to head against Shure's. Wish I didn't have to wait until the Spring to use one of these new cables though, I hate the lightning to 3.5mm dongle!
  15. adonissk
    I also gambled on the Capri cable but I hate the 3.5 mm dongle so much that I am willing to put up with anything else until those cables are availble! The question is, what else is out there?
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