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Shuoer impressions thread

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  1. SciOC
    May as well start a dedicated thread since these are going to start exploding across the IEM scene soon. For the sake of clarity, I have ZERO affiliation with Shuoer. I'm just a sucker who ordered the tape.


    So far... We know of the S10 IEM and the Tape. Their website lists others as well.

    Edit: The Tape is notable as it is an electrostat/DD design that is a first of it's kind in an IEM (a combination driver rather than a multidriver hybrid, as it's explained to me). EDIT 2: this is now again being stated as a 2 driver DD/Estat hybrid.

    The rumor is that they are the manufacturer behind other well known chifi brands and are now marketing their own brand of IEMs. Others can fill in the details (rumors?) from there.

    @Hawaiibadboy has both models in hand and has done unboxing, but the rest of us will just twiddle our thumbs as we wait for these new shiny IEMs to fall into our grubby hands (my epacket with the Tape can't get here soon enough!)
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
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  2. gazzington
    The tape interests me a lot. Can't wait for some reviews. May be a 11/11 purchase
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  3. SciOC
    Ditto. I couldn't help myself, mine is in the way.... I should have mine well in advance of 11/11.
  4. mashuto
    Your description made it sound like it was a hybrid with an estat and a dynamic, but they are actually saying its an estat dynamic. But I definitely find myself interested, any new driver tech could prove interesting.... or just end up not being great. Would definitely like to hear some impressions though, its just a bit more expensive than what I would consider for an impulse buy.
  5. mochill
    I'm also interested in both the tape-L and h27r
  6. SciOC
    I'm actually confused by the description since it says it has a 3 way frequency distribution (I'm guessing that means a 3 way crossover).

    To me the layout initially looks like a dynamic with an estat placed on top in the same manner as a dual dynamic or piezo. But now I'm questioning that and think you might be right....

    Can someone confirm what this thing actually is?
  7. mashuto
    Do you have a direct link to the product description? I didnt see it on the site you linked but instead just saw it on linsoul. There it said it was an electrostatic dynamic driver and mentions nothing about multiple drivers or crossovers or anything.
  8. SciOC
    Just the description on the Ali sellers, which had more detail and an exploded view of the iem. Now that I see it in linsoul I'd trust that info.

    The 3 frequency thing appears to have been some notion of balanced tuning as far as I can tell based on linsoul using similar language, and probably not a reference to a crossover.
  9. mashuto
    Gotcha. There's not much info on linsoul either and can't find anything on Google because it thinks I'm trying to search for shower tape...
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  10. JRichardson1228
    Just watched BGGAR's videos for the Tape and that has me really interested. Subbed to see how these things play out.

    You too? :joy: Big Brother is probably wondering why a small pocket of the internet just randomly started improperly searching for shower tape.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
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  11. Forsaked
    I am also gonna purchase those Tapes, let's see what they are up to!
  12. Ymzable
    Based on the official replies, I can confirm it has 2 driver units on each side, one dynamic driver and one newly developed "low voltage electret" driver.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
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  13. baskingshark
    I have no experience with estat drivers, generally how do these compare in sound with BAs and Piezo drivers? Are they difficult to drive?
  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    On the DX160 I lower the volume about 15 steps down from where I listen to the P1 so they are easier to drive. At lower volume these excel.
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  15. blacksesame
    I thought I was out of the game... but now you have me wanting to get the dx160 and shuoer tape....lol

    Waiting for full review of shuoer and dx160 vs m11..

    Hoping both will go on sale on 11.11

    Ps. Heading to tokyo in December, any good restaurants/places that you would recommend? Maybe you can pm if you have time..thanks!
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