shuoer tape
  1. Sound N00b

    Thieaudio legacy 3 vs shuoer tape + others. $125 budget.

    I was happy with my blon 03s until I lost them and I think it is finally time to stop grieving them and find a replacement to fill the beater set role. I listen primarily to a lot of rock ranging from classical metal/hard rock to more chill alternative stuff like the gorillaz but I listen to...


    Driver: Low Voltage Electrostatic Dynamic Driver Cable: Detachable MMCX Frequency response range: 20Hz - 30 KHz Sensitivity:104dB/mW Distortion:<0.8% Impedance:18Ω
  3. SciOC

    Shuoer impressions thread

    May as well start a dedicated thread since these are going to start exploding across the IEM scene soon. For the sake of clarity, I have ZERO affiliation with Shuoer. I'm just a sucker who ordered the tape. So far... We know of the S10 IEM and the Tape. Their...