1. V

    Shuoer S12 while it's on sale today or wait for a used Blessing 2 for around 170€/190$?

    Hello, I need to make a decision today. I have these options: - Shuoer S12 from HiFiGo for a nice low price - wait for a used Moondrop Blessing 2 for around 170€ - wait for a good tribrid (Variations, ThieAudio) for around 250€ I don't care about visual damage ok the IEM as long as nothing...
  2. admiralnorman

    Linsoul 7HZ Timeless vs Shuoer S12: they sound exactly the same

    Despite the Timeless being $50 more than the Shuoer, they sound exactly the same. Testing single ended and balanced using a BTR5 and a galaxy fold 3 as a source. Using a splitter, I can even use one in the right and the other in the left and I detect no channel imbalance. I also personally...
  3. LetShuoer S12 Planar iem

    LetShuoer S12 Planar iem

    LetShuoer S12 S12 is Hi-Fi Earphones to creat for music lovers. Whatever its neat and fashion design or its sound effect is strictly polished. It will be your best companion for daily music hours. Featured: Custom 14.8mm Planar Driver Silver plated monocrystalline copper cable Description...
  4. Shuoer EJ09

    Shuoer EJ09

    Shuoer's flagship sound signature further refined Proprietary 5-way crossover into four acoustic bores is our statement of a balanced sound across the spectrums.This array of nine drivers produce a coherent sound profile - shimmering airy highs, ample bass with great attack and prompt decay with...
  5. Dèng

    Shuoer EJ07 & Conductor CIEM Announcement

    Greetings everyone! Linsoul Audio is glad to announce that the custom options for Shuoer Acoustics' Flagships, Shuoer EJ07 and Conductor, are finally available on Do visit our website to check out the designs available. For those who wish to get one with your own design and logo...
  6. beenie

    NF Audio A2+ or Shouer Tape Pro

    Which shall I get? Looking for something neutral and these seem like good picks. Also any idea of any potential QC issues with NF Audio?
  7. Sound N00b

    Thieaudio legacy 3 vs shuoer tape + others. $125 budget.

    I was happy with my blon 03s until I lost them and I think it is finally time to stop grieving them and find a replacement to fill the beater set role. I listen primarily to a lot of rock ranging from classical metal/hard rock to more chill alternative stuff like the gorillaz but I listen to...
  8. SciOC

    Shuoer impressions thread

    May as well start a dedicated thread since these are going to start exploding across the IEM scene soon. For the sake of clarity, I have ZERO affiliation with Shuoer. I'm just a sucker who ordered the tape. So far... We know of the S10 IEM and the Tape. Their...