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Shozy Alien+

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by all999, Jan 12, 2017.
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  1. all999
    From Shozy FB.

    Time for some official tease! Announcing the Shozy Alien+ with 120db+ real SN ratio (tested by AudioPrecision), coming very soon =) We are getting price info and specs ready so ... stay tuned!



  2. musicday
    Looks very small, probably won't have enough power to drive full size headphones but if can do DSD 256 native and run at least for 10 hours i am interested.
  3. ExpatinJapan
    I interested in the more basic shape and the addition of a screen as I have like the Alien daps sound in the past.
  4. mochill
    Can't wait to hear this:sunglasses:
  5. fleasbaby
    ...I really like how Shozy DAPs sound. Their interface had some annoying parts for me. This looks to be interesting...
  6. mochill
    I love the sound as well
  7. BruceBanner
  8. black9white
    Cant wait how the interface would be.

  9. iJay
  10. Raketen
    Thanks for sharing. Looks nice. Hope there is a lock function w/ face buttons like that (would probably be first thing I change in original Alien design).
  11. ER4S
    Seems interesting, subbed.
  12. NotKunvinced
    Looks good
  13. Niyologist
    I was wondering how their DAP would look like with a screen for over a year now. Looks better than I expected.
    mochill likes this.
  14. mochill
    You need it bro
  15. pr0b3r
    Somehow resembles the AUNE M2.  I wonder if this will be priced around the same price range, or instead more of a competition to the M1s.  Any ideas on the specs?
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