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Shozy 5 ba thread (includes both neo BG 5 and Pentacle)

  1. suman134
    I think we need a thread for the newer Shozy 5 driver earphones, Neo BG 5 and Pentacle.

    The pentacle:-

    ‘’ A more premium hand-built audio solution for your daily commute''
    It all started when we notice there is a gap between our collaboration product line with Advanced Acousticwerkes (AAW), renowned for their custom IEMs crafting qualities. We have released a few Hibikis Single DD iems, POLA electrostatic (upcoming) and there hasn't been hand crafted, balanced armature based designs. Therefore we come up with Pentacle, our rendition of ''enjoyable sound on the go''. AAW has always been known for strong bass quality reproduction, thus and so we hope to embed such audio excellence into Pentacle - specifically designed for daily commuters travelling with low powered device i.e. phones, small daps. Fusing premium hand crafting goodness, premium wood faceplates and good isolation, we hope you could enjoy your daily travels with relaxing sound.

    Sound properties
    Punchy, dynamic sound with strong vocal texture combines into an immersive listening experience on the go. Sensitive driver config coming with 2-pin sockets allows fine tweaks fitting your personal preference!


    Sensitivity 117 dB
    THD <1 %
    Impedance 36 ohm
    Frequency response 20Hz-20000Hz


    2pin socket.

    The Neo BG 5ba:-



    Impedance 22ohm
    Sensitivity 110dB SPL/mW
    Frequency response 20Hz-20000Hz
    Driver config 5ba Electrical + Passive crossovers
    Passive noise isolation 25db

    Technical highlights:

    5BA drivers with metallic filter nozzles, 22955 Bass driver from Knowless paired with custom made tweeter for a grand, dynamic presentation with sweet vocals and smooth extensions on both ends!

    MMCX socket.
  2. suman134
    Here is my unboxing video
  3. suman134
    Expect review in few days.
    Arghavan likes this.
  4. Arghavan
    Great, I'm waiting for the reviews of these two.
  5. mgunin
    Both look terrific, it's curious how they compare in both tonality and overall SQ.
  6. mgunin
    BTW, here is the review from cleg

  7. suman134
    I find the Pentacle and BG5 really close when it comes to details retrieval. The pentacle has better tonality, slightly better micro details and treble extension.

    Seems like Video reviews are the future. But expect my old school written review in 3-4 weeks.
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  8. zeppu08
    Any updates on both of this? Looking forward to reviews and comparisons..
  9. suman134
    I will be making a comparison video with both the earphones in a couple of days, will share the link. Written reviews will take a while.

    I have already compared the pentacle with 4 other earphones, search fibae 3 comparison, channel is eargasmic.:)
  10. suman134
    Reserved for Pentacle Video.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
  11. suman134
    My comparison of both.
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  12. suman134
    Here are a couple of Shozy Pola VIdeos.

    1st impression video

    Unboxing video
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  13. suman134
    Comparing the Pola with the Model X.
  14. wink
    Doesn't this belong in another forum....?
  15. wink

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