1. Shozy Black Hole

    Shozy Black Hole

    Extra-Ordinary Performance: Equipped with a powerful single-dynamic driver unit on each side, the Shozy Black Hole produces excellence with its sonic capabilities. It provides the users with an extraordinary experience with powerful deep bass, transparent crisp vocals, and well-extended...
  2. Shozy Rouge

    Shozy Rouge

    The One and Only Hand-Painting. As a brand never satisfied with itself, the Rouge series has truly opened a new era of Shozy with the fantasy appearance along with the unusual hand painting skills. Exactly as its name, the whole body of this earbud is hand-painted by skilled experienced artist...
  3. bancanus

    [Sold] FS: Sony IER M7 [Price Reduced]

    - Less than a week old - USD 365 plus shipping
  4. Gazny

    WTB shozy 1.1 or 1.4 [USA]

    Looking for a shozy 1.1 or 1.4
  5. vtkc

    Shozy Form 1.4

    Shozy has just released another impressive IEM, Form 1.4 SPECS Shozy Driver: 4 balanced armatures, 1 dynamic driver Cavity: Imported medical resin (3D printed) Faceplate: Imported wood stabilized panel Technology: 3-way crossover Sensitivity: 102 dB Frequency: 20 Hz – 20KHz Impedance: 16...
  6. Sotiris

    SOLD Shozy BK stardust earbud 2.5mm with 2.5mm to 3.5 adapter

    Hi all Anyome interested in Shozy BK Stardust earbuds 2.5mm? Come with a very good FBI cable which were custom made from Ted Allen .
  7. RuFrost

    [FSOT] Shozy BK Stardust 2.5mm (special edition)

    1) Shozy BK Stardust are my favoutie earbuds in terms of the sound and comfort. I have owned 6 of them (4 non balanced and 2 balanced). This is my last pair of Shozy...I'm quitting audio hobby due to life changing conditions. 2) This pair is rejacked from non-balanced and I do not know why, but...
  8. CrocodileDundee

    FS: QDC Anole VX -- TRADED

    Hello All, Got a QDC Anole VX and found out it would be a contender to my A12t (Custom). So I am selling the QDC like new. Bought in Jul/2019. (Pictures to be uploaded soon)
  9. Mild Audiophile

    Problem with Shozy BG/CP's MMCX connector

    I've had a Shozy BG for 7 months, and i've had a problem with my BG on 5 months of usage. The right earpiece's sound are kind of damped compared to the left one. I got Jaben to sue the warranty to shozy after debating if whether the cable or housing units are damaged. And after so many attempts...
  10. Z

    Shozy BK vs Smabat ST-10?

    Hi, I currently own the Shozy BK and I was wondering if the Smabat ST-10 were a step up. Thanks!
  11. Shozy Pentacle ( with AAW)

    Shozy Pentacle ( with AAW)

    The pentacle:- ‘’ A more premium hand-built audio solution for your daily commute'' It all started when we notice there is a gap between our collaboration product line with Advanced Acousticwerkes (AAW), renowned for their custom IEMs crafting qualities. We have released a few Hibikis Single DD...
  12. SHOZY V33

    SHOZY V33

    Shozy V33 Vinyl 33 1/3 Single Dynamic Driver ACG HiFi In-ear Earphone Description It is jointly developed by Shozy and the domestic top horn team. It lasted for nearly 3 years. The medium frequency is comfortable and listenable, and it is very close to the real and comfortable simulated taste...
  13. dewy22

    [SOLD]: Shozy AAW Hibiki Special Edition SE

    Got the Shozy Hibiki Special Edition for another Head-Fi member a few weeks ago. Comes with all original accessories and box. One of the more comfortable iem that I’ve used. Asking for $old shipped, PayPal payment.
  14. Shozy & AAW POLA

    Shozy & AAW POLA

    ‘A design that truly brings out the ES driver’s qualities’’ The first thing that comes to our mind when the latest Sonion ES-driver consisting of fancy micro step-up transformers are sent to us in early 2018? It is not about achieving higher specs, but rather what we can do to utilize the...
  15. Matpar

    [ITALY] Shozy & NEO BG 5BA MMCX - like new

    Used some hours, selling the new IEMs from SHOZY, the BG 5BA. Very nice sounding, perhaps a bit too "bassy" (considering my actual rig and my listening preference): IEMs comes with original box, original protective shell, and some foams (as in the original package, new of course). Selling...
  16. OldDude04

    (PURGE SALE)-JVC, HiFiMan, Fostex, Audio-Technica, Shozy, Trinity, KZ, + more

    A getting out of the headphone game (for the most part, lol) sale. I'm going to keep a DAC, an Amp, and my M1060's, but I'm selling off my other items and maybe looking into a speaker setup in the future. Anyway, everything listed below is in like new condition unless otherwise stated and each...
  17. suman134

    Shozy 5 ba thread (includes both neo BG 5 and Pentacle)

    I think we need a thread for the newer Shozy 5 driver earphones, Neo BG 5 and Pentacle. The pentacle:- ‘’ A more premium hand-built audio solution for your daily commute'' It all started when we notice there is a gap between our collaboration product line with Advanced Acousticwerkes (AAW)...
  18. audionewbi

    Shozy IEM impression/appreciation thread (in particular Pola owners)

    With the release of Pola, and the small grown fan base of Shozy owners who are scattered across all the various thread, I want to make a thread so all you guys out there can just post your impression here and make my life a lot easier. For now here is a pretty picture of Pola, no I don't own...
  19. cocolinho


    Hi H-F Selling the current TOTL from Blox: Blox TM9 3.5 terminated. Retail for USD279 + Shipping. Just not my prefered sound signature. Selling for 199€ + shipping to be discussed depending where to ship them Full set with all brand new accessories (wooden box, leather pouch) Smoke free & pet...
  20. Rish732

    SOLD: Shozy Zero IEM

    Superb IEMs with a wood shell with case and tips. Used for about 10 hours. NOW $25 shipped to the US including paypal fees. Thanks! Rish
  21. dilpal

    Shozy Stardust (BK) Earbuds for Sale.

    For sale is my 7 months old Shozy Stardust(BK) Earbuds. They are in fantastic condition and has been rarely used. I am more of an IEM guy so they have been sitting unused. I am their first owner. They don't originally come with any accessory except the foam earpads. I have lost the original box...
  22. Mimouille

    AAW Q for low price

    Hello, I am letting go of the AAW Q smallest dynamic driver IEM in existence. It usually sells for 220$ and I ask 70$ including paypal. Thank you
  23. rantng

    SOLD - FS - Shozy Star II w/iBasso cable

    Shozy Star II w/cable from iBasso IT01. Purchased from another member, have put no more than 4 hours since, so these are just laying around. Slight imperfection on the inner side of one shell. These are based on the Etymotic ER4. Penon Audio currently has these for $419. Price includes shipping...
  24. Montyburns

    ***sold***NuForce Primo 8 IEM for sale/trade

    I have a mint condition NuForce Primo 8 IEM for sale or trade. Original box, packaging, case, cable, pretty much everything but the tips. Looking for an Ibasso IT03, Ibasso IT01, Shozy Hibiki special edition, 64 audio a3, Audeze Sine, Audioquest Nighthawk, or other reasonably portable...
  25. Jmop

    Shozy Alien Gold

    Great shape, player only. Pics available for serious buyers only. Shipping and PayPal on me.