Show us your vintage headphones!
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Koss (InterFunk) HV/99 - most likely an HV/2A OEM.
But has HA/1A headband.

InterFunk was a German/Swiss distributer of sometimes re-branded products.
HV/99 seems to be HV/2A cups/drivers + HV/1A headband + InterFunk branding.

DIY memory foam pads added by me... they sound FILTHY...
...less dense (stock) foam required for more neutral sound... this is too much bass, but also fun in it's own way.
Koss HV99 Memory Foam Pads.jpg

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AT somehow made a basshead electret lol
I wonder, was it 'basshead' before or after the ear pads exploded?


Sometimes, when the foam is exposed like this, it can create a 'bass trap' kind of effect.
Similar to how some Beyerdynamic and Shure ear pads work.
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K340... so very mediocre.


AKG K340.jpg
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K340... so very mediocre.

My favorite headphone. The K340 Rocks!
I don't need a graph to tell me just how great this headphone sounds.
If you spend some time with the green driver model, you may think very differently about it.


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