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Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 3.2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Mar 16, 2018.
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  1. fish1050
    Unfortunately I have other expenses you know like a mortgage and don't have money to throw around buying a new DAP every other month like some of you. This DAP needs fixes and improvements and I just want those things to be done in a timely fashion. I trusted Shanling based on having the chance to use some of their home audio products which are quite good. So far it appears their DAP division has a way to go to catch up with their other divisions.

    I took a shot at my first Chinese DAP and it hits the mark on portability, sound quality, and power perfectly for me. Unfortunately the usability just isn't their yet as far as I am concerned and I am hoping Shanling can improve it. Like it or not I am stuck with this DAP until next year as I don't have the available funds to get another DAP right now. I am eagerly awaiting the IFA show in 3 weeks to see what else is going to be released end of this year and next. I can struggle with the M0 if need be until something better for me comes along and my finances are better.

    Kind of frustrating that I can find a track on my 4 year old A17 in like 5 seconds vs almost never with the M0. I just hope @Shanling is right and their will be a firmware update this month.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018
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  2. georgelai57
    As an album-by-album listener, the M0 is perfect as it is, and together with a Line Out to my full size integrated amp and speakers, what more can one ask? In the good old days I would have had to flip the LP after Side One. Sheesh ...

    It is even smaller than the volume knob on that said amp.
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  3. geagle
    Very true... main thing to actually recommend them is that one usually has them with oneself :) .
    I stil disagree with a few of your comments (highlighted: player would sure benefit from further fixes, but I would not say it needs them, like I-cannot-use-it-need-them, and I'm starting to think that maybe you're wanting perfection for everything from a tiny device which is priced at essentially entry level, for DAPs, while punching far above its cost and size in terms of sound and use scenarios), but I'll let it go :) .

    If it doesn't work for you, well, it doesn't, and I'm sorry to hear that. I'd say that I wish you well in finding something else that will, but it looks like that won't be happening soon, from your words, so that's out :frowning2: .
  4. greatwhite58
    Yep I have a mortgage too and kids at uni so I know what it’s like. The M0 works out of the box in my opinion and any upgrades are fine tuning.
  5. mathi8vadhanan
    It’s suprisingly quite versatile. If you are in the mood to discover tracks (or change tracks often), just put in BT receiver mode and still get the same(almost) SQ in AAC(iPhone) or LDAC(Android) from your phone.

    M0 was so polished right out of the box, I’m still at 2.0 (came with 1.5). Don’t see a need for updating to 2.1

    Compared to other DAP manufacturers like iBasso and Fiio Shanling is light years ahead.
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  6. ThEvil0nE
    Yes! Been putting same genres in their own tf card and I have never shuffle binged so hard on 60's 70's Japanese Jazz until I got this M0 lol

    Bought the M0 for my upcoming vacation. I still have to really get into what this thing can do but like I said I'm really liking it
  7. fish1050

    I get that many of you are satisfied with the M0 as it is. But, @Shanling has admitted there are some things that can be improved. Several pages back he admitted that the accuracy of the touchscreen needs work. It also does not yet have replaygain which is an important feature for me.

    If the manufacturer is willing to make further improvements I say go for it Shanling. I paid my hard earned money for this device so I want the best product I can get for the money. Until @Shanling comes on this forum and says hey guys we've improved the M0 as much as we can and we are moving on to something new. I say keep improving it if you can.

    I have owned my own business for 15 years and one thing I have learned is never settle for good enough if you can get better.

    I accept that the M0 will probably never be a perfect DAP for me. But I own it now so I say if Shanling can keep making it better then who am I to tell them not to. Incidentally I have been pushing friends of mine in the audio sales industry in Toronto to get them to carry Shanling products. Those that have tried the M0 universally love it for its size, sound quality and power for its size. But the enthusiasm does start to wane once they try the touchscreen and scroll wheel. They are looking at this from a consumer perspective and they all know no matter how good it sounds if it takes to long for someone to get use to it chances are they will return it. The attention span of consumers today is pretty damn short and manufacturers need to keep that in mind when they design their products.
  8. Duncan Moderator
    Okay, so I tried NOT using BT this morning, and plugged the M0 straight into my S9+ - the USB mode on the M0 days 24/48 and all I get out of UAPP is stuttering.

    I know it's probably somewhere in the previous 175 pages, however if anyone can tell me how to get this to play wired, that'll be great.

  9. geagle
    I think we can all agree on all of that :) .

    And it IS very true that the device can be improved (like, well, sort of everything :) ), and Shanling has been doing quite a good job (at least IMHO) of keeping on improving it with a good pace. Hopefully, some future improvement can also make it more usable for your own needs, and Shanling can count one more happy customer out of all that bought the thingie.
  10. fish1050
    I want to buy products from the company that wants to make the best products for the money. If Shanling had said hey guys we think the M0 is good enough as it is so we're done working on it I probably would never buy another Shanling product. The more they keep trying to improve the M0 the more loyal a customer they will have in me.
  11. endgame4
    If the device that will be announced tomorrow runs Shanling's MTouch OS as well, I am sure Shanling is smart enough to use the same code base for the firmware of the M0 and that therefor both will benefit from future developments.
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  12. david8613

    gotta let us know how they sound wireless and wired with the sonys 1000
  13. paddler57
    Not really getting the negative slant. The M0 has been out for a few months. It has already received a couple firmware updates. More are coming. Lots of user feedback has been submitted to help that along. Don't really get the negativity. It's like you're putting your distaste for Fiio support on Shanling's shoulders. Like you fear they'll do the same thing when there is no basis for it. Not everything is all peaches and rainbows, and its not like Frankie has ever dismissed anyone's concerns and issues.
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  14. fish1050
    At this point what I want is to see what Shanling can do with another firmware update. If they can improve the touchscreen accuracy and add replaygain then I will be happier. Most of the time the M0 is buried in my pocket as I carry alot of gear for work and getting to it to change volume constantly from track to track is a pain not to mention the scroll wheel isn't great either for changing volume.

    I am not expecting perfection as there is no such thing in world of audio. I learned that a long time ago and there is always a compromise. But @Shanling has promised some improvements and hopefully that will make this a better DAP for me. But in the meantime it is frustrating for me and my wife using this device, might not be for you but I am not you. Other people who have tried my M0 express the same frustrations and maybe it should come with a label, not recommended for people over a certain age.

    Perhaps it isn't me who expects to much but maybe you are from a generation that doesn't expect enough. It wasn't that long ago that requiring a user to do multiple firmware updates to get the product to a state it should have been when it was released was not the norm.

    I would gladly pay a little more to get a product that is finished on release vs having to wait for features and do my own firmware updates. Not that I can't do it, I do it all the time for work but this isn't work, this is something I paid for. It would be nice to get some kind of update on what the next firmware will address and an eta. Unfortunately if I want to own a DAP these days firmware updates and waiting for features is required, nothing I can do about it but I don't have to like it. My curse is I love listening to high quality audio so I endure the hassles.

    Most DAP's for me are not available locally so you order one, then you wait for firmware updates and by the time it gets updated and you realize it isn't going to get to a state that works for you you can't return it (hello Fiio). I am just hoping that isn't the case with the M0 because it does have things I wan't and need including size, enough power to not need an amp and decent battery life. Now if I the usability can be improved I will be happy with this DAP but not there yet.
  15. geagle
    I'm 55 (and male) :wink: and most females in my life tell me I'm quite grumpy, so I really don't think that applies, lol... and I already said that I do get you. We just disagree in the degree of satisfaction/dissatisfaction we're defining as acceptable in this particular case :) . Or maybe I have more terms of reference... as I said, my personal experience with DAPs tells me that Shanling did better, with the M0, than several other manufacturers did with some of their releases. Which is not to say that the thing is perfect (nothing ever is, and nothing probably actually CAN be), and that improvements should not be welcome. They definitely ARE welcome.

    I am still sorry that your case was different than mine, as I said.

    As for replaygain... you might have a look at a used something that accepts Rockbox (I personally cordially detest Rockbox, but that's mainly because I never invested the time to master it - from what everyone says, it's quite powerful, if you know it well). Very, very few DAPs seem to implement replaygain, nowadays. Which of course does not mean that Shanling won't. But if they do, it's gonna be unusually good of them, as most others DON'T.
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