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Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 3.1

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Mar 16, 2018.
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  1. georgelai57
    No need to hold 3 seconds. Just swipe right.
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  2. My Little Phony
    Set time and leave the menu by swiping right. If u use the 3 secs hold it wont be stored.

    too late :smile:

    *** swiping can be a bit tricky. as i went to the clock option a minute ago i wether swiped to slow and entered every other option that comes before the clock setting or swiped to quick and scrolled till the end of the menu ***
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2018
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  3. torpedorag
    Definitely Replay Gain for me. (past Rockbox'd Clip user here)
  4. My Little Phony
    I remember the old times very well when it was still valid (walkman era) that the smaller the player the higher the price.

    If that would still aplly the M0 would cost many times of its actual price.
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  5. abitdeef
    Yes very true I bought a Sony NW MS70D network Walkman back in the day and it was very expensive. I think I paid around 300 dollars for it. Oh the nostalgia :)

    Also had this very cool oled Walkman and it was pricey also. Can’t remeber model number.

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  6. hemtmaker
    Thanks :)
  7. hemtmaker
  8. ShannyM0
    I think there is some kind of setting that lets you change the behavior of what the button does? Did not see anything about that in the advanced manual so I wanted to ask if you can configure the on button somehow in settings and if so, what does that do exactly?

    If I turn on the unit, wait a bit and then try to connect to bluetooth by pressing play, it still makes you hit play, wait for it to stop and then hit play again before it plays. Still better than other DAPs that require you to turn BT back on manually each time but not quite ideal yet either.

    Lastly, any idea when the next firmware update is coming out or what it will include?
  9. Trippin
    What has been everyone's solutions when it comes to stacking? Worried bout it since I'll be stacking it with a cayin c5
  10. neo_styles
    The more I carry my M0 and A45 around, the more I see myself going back and forth between the two. In my opinion, they really are complimentary in the sense that the A45's more laid-back and dynamic signature lends itself really well to Rock and Electronic music when you're just on the go or at the gym. The M0, on the other hand, seems just a little more intimate and focused towards detail retrieval. My ears to feel a little more fatigued during long sessions with the M0, but I can listen to the A45 all day and still want to play more. As an analogy, if the M0 was a pair of studio monitors, the A45 is more akin to a home Hi-Fi system in terms of staging and frequency emphasis. As a result, I tend to use the M0 when auditioning my needledrops pre and post-processing, but the A45 tends to get the nod for all of my CD rips.

    The amp on the M0, in turn, kinda wipes the floor with the A45. Granted, it's at the sake of battery life, but you really do have to crank up the A45 (for me, usually 75/120) to get the same output that I can with the M0 (30/100 in High Gain, 50-60/100 in Low Gain). Gain control on the A45 is also a little different in that, while the M0 uses a 0dB or +6dB gain, the A45 simply uses a 0dB or -3dB. A 2V output from the M0, in its form factor, seems really impressive to me.
  11. vsls
    I'm on the search of a real portable DAP, I was always postponing it as for my needs, the size and weight are important, I hate carrying more than one devices, unless the second is my Sansa Clip.
    I was thinking of an LG V30 as an all-in-one solution but since I've read that M0 is equal sonically I've decided to split my devices and save some battery as well
    Size and weight M0 seems perfect, although for my needs I feel that M0 lacks one major feature, physical buttons.
    I need to control the device without really using a touch screen when I'm on the go, so for volume there is the wheel but for changing tracks or quick shuffling, is it equally functional?
    Ideally M1 has the best form factor and all the controls that I need but by going to this model, do I miss anything substantial from M0? Also now I can find it at the same price as M0.

    I will use 95% wired IEMs and generally easy-to-drive Over-Ears, not BT use for me really, unless I would like to pair it with my phone for Spotify/Tidal stream (not sure if I can do the same by OTG) so LDAC is not a must-have.
    I wish Shanling would have an M1s soon but I doubt if we get anything before 2019
    Hidizs AP80 could be the best of both worlds on paper but it will be released in November/December and I'm not that keen on being early adopter
    HiBy R3 also has a similar form factor and ticks my boxes, but again it's double the price and I won't really use all of its features.

    Any input or suggestion will be more than helpful!
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2018
  12. rkt31
    added three small ferrite chokes on l2 cable and m0 easily beat any transport I previously used with Hugo 2 or mojo. because of small size and less power it might have lesser noise via usb . sound via usb out of m0 with l2 cable and three small ferrites is lot more 3d than optical route. soundstage is wider, vocals lot more cleaner and realistic.
  13. bflat
    I'm sure this has been asked already but the search function is horrible. Is there a better way to enable power on? As it stands now, a light breeze on the power button seems to turn the M0 on. ok, I'm exaggerating but seriously, a quick tap turns this thing on. Every portable device maker knows power on must be a press and hold for 2-3 sec to avoid accidental turning on.
  14. no_type
    My number one wish: could you add a setting so that the sleep timer goes to sleep even if bluetooth is on ? My M0 always loses all it's power when it's on bluetooth because it never shuts down even if I had set a sleep timer.
  15. Shanling
    To your questions for additional features, I hear you, I have them all listed and pushing software team to get to them ASAP.
    But when will they come, I can't tell now.

    Again, how do you assume that when EQ is "OFF" it's still active? Just because you can switch it on without need to stop the file?

    If you are unhappy with waking up M0 with single click of wheel, change the settings from "standby" to "shutdown". Then it will be standard 3 seconds hold every time.
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