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SF Bay Area Meet impressions (May 2, 2015)

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  1. joe Administrator
    Check out all of the meet impressions and photos here!
  2. dusk
    I'm running a little late, guys.  Headed over soon with a crimson and some primes! :)
  3. HellaSteph
    Okay, my door guy is going to be gone at 12 PM for lunch. [​IMG]
  4. dusk
    then I'm headed over now :)
  5. bluesaint
    I'm running late as well, my kid had a playground accident. Heading there now via Bart.
  6. DecentLevi
    Hi guys, just a shout-out that maybe you can invite a few of the hosts from Wikia to demo some of your hot gear - maybe you can convert a few non-audiophiles and help them to understand what all the hype is about [​IMG]
  7. greenkiwi
    I had a great time. Thanks for organizing and hosting!

    It was really really fun to put faces to screen names... And listen to really fun interesting gear.
  8. DecentLevi
    So folks, which king gloriously reigns supreme? Or I should say which chain + headphone wins? Maybe if you all post your favorites then we can see which one leads the way. But I have a prediction... and to avoid influencing the choice I have the answer encrypted as the number 251886. After the king is chosen I'll decrypt my code to see if I was right
  9. zerodeefex
    Yggy > EC Studio > Abyss/HD800/HE1000 was the best rig I've ever heard.

    I have put aside $10k for the studio. I've never heard an amp as good in my life, bar none. Better than the MKIV which was superior to the pinnacle and teton. I was almost in tears.

    The biggest surprise was the geek out v2. I like the first but this was a significant step up. I have to rethink my portable chain as the Triad holds it back. The STOCK Geek Out v2 beat the pants off my v1 SE.

    The biggest disappointment was the Hugo TT. Less resolving, less smooth, terribly harsh (old British HiFi sound) when stacked against the Geek Out V2. This little $300 think paired with the Leckerton (4627-B) beat out the Hugo TT hands down with my HD800.

    A lot of folks were surprised by the Eddie Current Black Widow at my table. I'll let Warren and others comment. He tried to place an order at the meet, ha-ha.
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  10. bahorn
    I really liked the Yggy>Black Widow combination at your table.  I brought over Warren's Ether and loved the sound coming from that combination.  I liked it better than the Chord Hugo>Liquid Carbon>Ether combination.  Since I already have the Liquid Carbon and Ether on order, I would have liked to have heard Yggy>Liquid Carbon>Ether.  I'm trying to resist thoughts of getting the Yggy and Black Widow.
  11. maeveth
    It was great meeting everybody in person today.
    I have to say - my favorite was the Yggy > Rag > HE1000 stack. It sounded amazing, best headphone setup I've ever heard.  The soundstage was limitless, the bass was clean and deep, the mids  and highs were crystal clear
    The Ethers and JH Audio Angies were also outstanding but still were not as good at the HE1000 to my ear.
    Next time I need to be better prepared with nicer source for myself! The level of fun I had at this event well exceeded all expectations.  I really want to thank everybody who put this event on!
  12. aamefford
    Resistance is Futile …

    I'll post up some thoughts later. Short thoughts - lots of great equipment and head-fiers in a great setting with gracious hosts made for the most fun meet I've attended. Got to try a bunch of fun gear in many combinations, and missed a bunch of stuff - completely missed Craig and Marv's table. Special shout out to Jude and Warren for letting me bogart the Ether, and to our organizer and mad scientist BillP!

    Edit - and many thanks to all at Wikia for turning over their office, snacks and for picking up lunch.
  13. gepardcv
    Super-great meet! Had so much fun chatting with everyone. Several surprising headphones showed up. Loved trying out the SR-002, the Ether, the HE-1000, MDR-Z7, and others.
  14. chuckwheat
    ^agreed. I really enjoyed it :)
    Thanks to everyone for making this possible! I wish I got to know more of you there. I was a little shy, and distracted by awesome sound (especially that Eddie Current 2a3... WOW).
    I'm definitely looking forward to any future activities, whenever and wherever.
    I'm new to this hifi stuff, but I'm already hooked. I'm surprised my wallet survived the day :)
    Thank you everyone. And Wikia!
  15. No_One411
    Great meeting everybody today! 
    Big thanks to Bill for organizing the event and special thanks for our hosts at Wikia for letting us borrow their facilities! 
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